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Posted in What kind of swimwear should be required in school? on 2003-03-27 01:07:19

I am assuming that the poll was referring to a general PE classes that have swim instruction as part of the curriculum and not athlectic electives, such as swim team.

I think that schools should provide students with uniform swimwear just as they provide uniform gym suits. In any case, parents should pay for they uniforms.

As to what kind of swimwear that should be provided to boys, it is my opinion that schools should provide swim trunks. I agree that the cases for speedo and board shorts have their respective good points.

Speedos are optimal for speed swimming, but are very skimpy and would adversely affect boys with neg. body image, be they too fat or too skinny or whatnot. Futhermore, assuming that these are to be used for intructional swimming and not competitive swimming, I see no need to jeopardize someones self-esteem for a few milliseconds.

On the other hand, while board shorts are are helpful the aforementioned boys with self esteem, they are cumbersome. Board shorts are meant to be swimming trunks as much as they are meant to be recreational wear. Thus, swim trunks are the best choice. They provides the best of both worlds--the sleekness of speedos and the privacy (relatively) of board shorts.

As far as girls' swimwear go, I believe that one-pieces suit are the only choice avaible. Two piece suit create drag and are unpleasent to girls with a negative body self-image and nothing else is much available. [As much as I'm sure the guys would like having the girls in thongs, I dont think school boards would have it. ;~)]