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Posted in Answering Nature's Call in Nature on 2009-11-22 03:53:00

One time I was on a nature trail that was 8 miles long and the only bathroom was an outhouse type at the beginning of the trail. I was two miles away from the start of the trail on my way back and I had been drinking alot of water because it was hot. Well you now how it is sometimes, it just goes right through you and in a few minutes you can go from fine to bursting. Well, I'm walking back and I desperately need to relieve myself, but I can't because not only is there almost no cover this close to the start, but there are lots of other people around. I didn't even have some tissue or anything like that in my purse to wipe with. Since there was just two miles to go, I figured I could make it so I kept on walking. To my horror however, by the time I reached the one mile marker, not only did I need to go more badly than before, but now I was feeling as if I needed to poop too, alot. Somehow I made it back but since the bathroom was a single outhouse, there were four people in line already. I took my place in line and for the next 15 minutes I had to stand there, trying not to go in my pants. Finally I get in only to discover that it's just a hole in the ground that I was supposed to squat over. It took me another minute or so to get my pants and panties down and get into a position were I wouldn't be in total discomfort. After squating down I unleashed a gusher of pent up pee that lasted almost 30 seconds. That was followed up by a huge dump and by the time I was done I was feeling so relieved that I didn't even care that my cute pink bikini panties would get dirty since I had nothing to wipe with.