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Posted in Forced feminisation (Men only) on 2018-01-30 15:55:06

Not only have I worn ladies clothes but also an apron or tabard and once dressed been put to work washing up cleaning windows scrubbing floors hovering etc in fact working as a housemaid I once bought a new domestic uniform and tried it on in the shop and had to go through the shop to the long mirror to see how I looked I was wonderful

Posted in Perfect Maid's Uniform 2 on 2017-11-16 11:43:39

I agree it is important for a male maid to wear the proper uniform it is possible to obtain a lot of different maid uniforms at very reasonable cost. I do not mean frilly dresses aprons and caps but proper working uniforms that give good protection and are easily washed and ironed at the same time indicated clearly to any visitor that the wearer is a domestic servant who is still a member of the household but a very inferior member ready to receive and obey any orders

Posted in SHOULD SLAVERY RETURN on 2017-08-22 22:29:18

Honoured Mistress What a clever and wonderful person you are. That is an excellent way of obtaining slaves but there are other ways and had I not fallen in love and committed myself to one person before I found out how this is done I would now be a slave for a strict but caring mistress. I do know of one man who was left a flat by his parents. He rented the flat out and found two ladies who agreed to accept him as their full time live in housemaid. He pays all his expenses himself and contributes to the household expenses so the ladies get a full time domestic who they can train and punish that costs them nothing. Not exactly slavery but very close

Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2017-06-03 15:07:28

I love dressing in domestic female uniforms and I have been in public many times working at events or cleaning the front windows of a house I am working at as a maid or cleaner

I am not gay but very submissive. I would like to have a boy friend who would make me dress as a girl but very tarty and then make me work as a $%!@ and earn money for him. I am not interested in the actual sex act but the submission idea is very exciting I imagine coming to his house and he is lounging with a drink and says "How much did you earn bitch." Then when I handed the money over he says "Right get your housework uniform on and get this place cleaned up, I have got a real girl coming over tonight so make sure there are fresh condoms by the bed. " All I can say is "Yes sir Right away sir;" v