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Posted in Feminize white males on 2018-06-10 10:16:59

How wonderful you could have been semi useless idle male but thanks to your mistress and her helpful bull you are a useful item of household equipment that can be used for housework and sexual duties and now this wonderful idea of your mistresses boy friend you can also be used to earn money for them as a $%!@. What could be better

Posted in Sissy satisfaction? on 2018-02-17 11:00:35

You are certainly very lucky and I hope you are obedient and willing to serve him as he deserves I was a bed boy when I was in my early teens which was nice but he would not let me wear a dress and only spanked me once

Posted in Sissy satisfaction? on 2018-02-17 10:51:50

How lucky can you get. Not only a mistress who appears to be very dominant but a man who is willing to treat you as a girl. Maybe with some encouragement from you they may set up home together or even get married and then keep you as their slave and maid. Just imagine it wearing a maid uniform every day so visitors can clearly see what you are and they have to do all the housework and be punished if it is not done properly. Imagine that skirt up knickers down and over your masters knees with his hard hand or belt descending on your bottom while you mistress stands watching and pointing out some areas of your bottom that are not quite red enough. There is also the advantage that if the situation changes and they can no longer keep you then as a valuable item of livestock you can be sold to a new owner

Posted in if you punish a boy to wear a skirt as punishment on 2018-02-17 10:32:32

That is the best idea as this way he is changed from a troublesome boy into a useful submissive girl. With strict discipline he can become hard working and obedient. As well and keeping his owners house neat and clean he can also be hired out to neighbours and how knows there may be a male neighbour who will use him not just for housework but for sexual pleasure giving the sissy maid valuable experience in another female role and if he does not wish to do this in obedience whatever the task

Posted in Forced feminisation (Men only) on 2018-01-30 15:55:06

Not only have I worn ladies clothes but also an apron or tabard and once dressed been put to work washing up cleaning windows scrubbing floors hovering etc in fact working as a housemaid I once bought a new domestic uniform and tried it on in the shop and had to go through the shop to the long mirror to see how I looked I was wonderful