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Posted in Older Girls Playing with Dolls on 2009-12-12 18:54:46


I to still play with dolls. I love getting dressed as a little girl again. Sometime I dress as a baby, right down to wearing diapers. I love the feel of wear these clothes. I have 2 friends who join me in playing with dolls and dressing as little girls or as a baby. We draw numbers to see who gets to be the baby, as we all seem to want to be the baby. But, sometime we all dress as babies. Our moms have no problems with us doing this. Our moms make us clothes and so do we, as we modify the paterns to fit us. It is so fun when we get together to play. I would like to talk to you more on our playing. If you want to you could give me your email address, or I could give you mine. Hope to hear from you soon, Fungirllives.

Posted in Shots in the butt on 2009-12-12 18:32:25


How long have you been getting your exam done like this? For as far back as I can remember I have gotten my exams done that way. I was 10 the first time I knew that my younger sisters knew what was going on and enjoyed watching their big sister being reduced to a nothing more then being reduced to a bare new born baby. I would being willing to share my stories with you or anyone else who might be interested, Fungirllives.

Posted in Shots in the butt on 2009-12-12 18:20:13


I got 4 shots that day. It hurt and my bottom was a little bruised. But, that didn't bother me as much as laying there on my tummy as bare as a new born baby.

Posted in Women's hair on 2009-11-12 14:07:00

I like to wear my hair short. I feel the shorter the better. My mom would not allow me to cut my hair till I turned 12. When I did get to have my haircut, I went short. I LOVED watch my long hair being cut shorter and shorter by my stylist. Yes I would like to be shaved bald someday. I want to feel the soft cleanly shaven skin of my scalp. Give me your email address if interested in hearing more.

Posted in Shots in the butt on 2009-11-12 13:31:40


I have been threw the same thing only worst. At least you got to keep most of your clothes on. I had to lay there bare as a new born baby, in front of my two younger sisters and my mom. I still can't believe it happened, but it did. If you are interested in the details will share if you leave your email address.