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Posted in What is it to be human on 2021-10-09 12:07:10

Humane - "Having or showing compassion or benevolence."

By far, most people show some benevolence. Compassion is - in general - a dying force. And it was always lacking in abundance on this planet.

The word humane - I think - shows societies general understanding of itself. Specifically the common archetypal persona of "human".

As immature, grotesque or fearsome as it seems - humans are a wicked bunch. "Most men are bad" as Bias used to say.

In complete reality, we have absolutely no conscious alternative to base this question on other than projection based on our own experiences. This projection is variously subjective and dishonest. By anyone lacking enlightenment, they see in others what is pertinent to themselves.

Personally when I see humans I don't really see anything, but their general social behaviour indicates repression, lack of insight, hiding and disguising their fears and pain, indifference to reality and various other darker issues which might seem adolescent. Since this is a social phenomenal, it is unavoidable - esp. with more socialisation. Which can be a curious factor in regards to the mental "types" people develop during their lives.

Posted in legal sex on 2021-09-17 11:21:56

I think it's best to make the world as bad a place as possible. Help the wicked learn how to be wicked. It's impossible to do good deeds any more in a world like this now.

People can't control their sexuality well enough.

People under sixteen should not be having intercourse at all, yet half of people do that anyways. Now, before and forever. If they want to fool around when they're younger, that's fine if its consensual. Half the people on earth just cannot deal with their own immaturity and have to lean on sex. This infects the minds of everyone.

Thing is there are just so many creeps making it worse for all of us. A LOT of creeps. A LOT. Not just a few bad apples. Sexuality on earth is a $%!@ing mess. We're sick with repression and domination in all corners while full of falsely repressing. Really, really sick. As a species. Can't get it out of our system, it seems.

Treacherous beasts we are. Fit for death and destruction, and yet full of pride and conceit.

Posted in salvation on 2021-09-17 03:05:44

I think Hell is just like it is on Earth. It stays with you. The damage done is forever. The torment is real. There are other universes.

Posted in The end of the world. What will happen? on 2021-08-31 21:59:49

The world needs to end ASAP.

The situation is horrible and it's getting worse.

It never was any good. It could easily have been.

Posted in what should i name my kitten on 2021-03-12 13:19:06

Jillian is a nice name. Or Psychopath. Or Toodles.