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Posted in Is your body Small for your age? on 2014-11-23 23:36:44

Despite being the second oldest in my family, I was and still am considered the baby of the family, just because I am the smallest, even my sister Jasmine is taller than me; we're fraternal twins and she's 10 minutes younger than me.

I got a job while I was still in college, then moved in with two of my friends as soon as I turned 18 because I just couldn't take it any more. Living in the real world I've been able to prove to my family I can be mature when I want to be; I used to be a bit silly when I was younger, getting into trouble all the time, which I think didn't do much to help my situation.

But I wasn't entirely MY fault, some blame does lie with my parents. Because I used to have toilet accidents when I was little (mainly due to me holding it for too long) I was made to wear nappies right up until I was 18, despite my insistence that I didn't need them (I really didn't), I used to get in trouble for taking my nappy off and using the toilet.

It was very unfair how differently Jasmine and I were treated. While she was allowed to stay out fairly late, wear pretty much whatever she wanted (including normal underwear) and she could do her own thing without interference, I wasn't allowed out alone without permission (which I rarely got), I was often in bed before Jasmine got home and it was decided that it was more practical for me to wear short dresses and skirts to make changes easier, many of these were very childish and they were so short they barely covered my nappy.