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I want America to always be here, I don't want the Noerth American Union!

What is your opinions on the fall of the republic?

Yes I am thats why I created the website http://uswgo.com/ because I am not a racist, I am not a republican, and I am not a democrat and the only things I spew are the truth and if I make a mistake well I am human but I am for human rights and that is my nature.

What I do is my business and if the communist government doesn't like that they can shove it up their @U@#I#@U#@I Because We are not suppose to move backwards back into the dark ages where witches were burned at the stake, and people were killed and hunted down every day!

Obama is not black, he is half white and half black so HOW DARE YOU LABEL HIM A CERTAIN COLOR THAT MAKES YOU A RACIST!

oh yes we are all a bunch of racists including Lloyd Marcus, Gandhi, MLK Jr., Alex Jones, and all my diversified friends (That means I have friends of different races so I AM NOT A RACIST YOU Robot Hypnotized LIAR), he must be a racist too according to your definitions and we all have nothing better to do then be a bunch of racists :P

You may win now demons but one day we will return to a free and liberty (with human rights for all and we will never use racism for power, in fact we will never use racism ever We promise to god that we are not racists and that we will never worship any man on earth ever, I won't worship Aliens, I won't worship anybody but god!) era and by the way, I am not a racist!! Hhahahahahahahaha I rather see Martin Luther King jr as president instead of war bastard Obama, Hes not my god.

There are way better leader then him! He will destroy this country in December and you will be Obamas victim! he will turn on you after he uses people like you and I will be half across the world by the time he kills you all! I will be safe and you won't because I see through Obamas lies and deceptions, he works with the scumbag secret societies and Bankers organizations. He belongs to the world bank!

hahahahaha so I am not a racist so you will have to think of another way to attack me hahaha