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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-01 13:05:22

Hi Olip: Am getting ready for school, how's crosscountry? Any snow? The strop was Grandpa.s and he used it on Dad and my Uncles, so it's leather! Old, but supple from Dad's keeping it with oil, like from horse hoofs, can you believe that? Ok, talk later! Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-01-29 18:50:38

YES, it itches alot! guess all of them do, and I had a new oneput on cause some stitches were removed. Thanks for asking, and yeah, hate to get tied, but that's part of the punishment if we get it in the woodshed! The strop is far worse. Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-01-29 13:46:11

Hey Olip: What's up? U and Jimbo talking alot, Dude, my Dad says as long as I need the strop or paddle, he plans on giving it to me! He got it up til his 20's, and me, Bobjo and Josh can expect the same! I know we'd never try and stop him, even if we got bigger, he's our Dad, and knows whats right for us!

Ok, have a new cast, my fingers have alot more wiggle room, so am playing the organ and piano, not sports though! How's cross country, any snow yet? Be =have, talk to me when you can! Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-01-28 14:01:54

Hi Joe:

Long time since I have been on here! Glad to hear about Jack, sounds like he is doing well, and growing up and away from the need of the paddle! Have had a lot of changes, was promoted to the Head Scheriff, we don't get elected, civil service and a little bit of politics! Am so busy that I never have time to do any blogging. Dudes are well, Bobjo-fantastic, really excels at school, academically and in sports, is going to be in his Jr yr next summer, he can work through and do another semester, so he will beabout 6 months ahead. Jake and Josh are fine, still getinto trouble, and both do get licked, not as frequent but I still get a workout! My wife is doing well in practice, she is in my bros office, and has a large latino group, who are on medicaid and other medical services. Lots of drinking and need for therapy all over here! Paddles work, especially applied to the bare butt cheeks! Parents here use them and the belt and strap with no fear, I think cp, in general, is now more accepted, parents see how "Dr Spock" and his liberal views brought a bunch of ME brats to the front, no more!

Glad u r well, guess there maybe something with "AL Gore" and his global warming! We r still HOT and u say no snow, well let's see the rest of the winter!

Best at school, Robjo

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-01-24 13:45:50

Olip: Bet ya your behind was stinging like my wrist and elbow! Too bad, Dude, you really got it! But, it's always the lie that gets us the real thrashing! You know I've gotten many and Josh got another woodshed "trip" just on Sat,. lied again about school work! I saw his thrashed butt cheeks, Dude I bet u and him looked pretty much alike!

No, Bobjo's school is in rural Louisiana, about 300 miles from New Orleans. We got to go there for Madi Gras, wow, that was cool! Still got on cast and am trying to wrte with left hand, hard! Hot like 96, and you are lucky to get snow! Hey, can't wrestle for rest of the semester, so I am really pi--ed off! But, did it myself-stupid, thought I was as good ad Bobjo, lucky I had my helmet on!We are just about the same age, and I know Dad plans to whip my butt cheeks until I leave to college, or get married! He tells us that, he got whipped just before he and Mom were married, and it was in the samewoodshed we get it!

Good luck with meet, which jock strap did you get? Shock dr is my latest, of course can't pull it on, but just do some mild stuff in PE!

Talk later, Jake