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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-20 13:54:48

Hey Doug:

Am packing for a trip, taking the Dudes to see their Grandparents, will reply when we return, sometime within the next week. You have teenage sons? How many and what ages? Robjo

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-19 12:51:49

Hi Olip; Bobjo is home for a week, we all have off, winter recess, do you have off? We are going to my Grandparents in Arizona, leave tomorrow-lot's of fun! Lucky that you have swimming with the chicks, any bikinis?

Am trying out for track, but can't do that and baseball, so I will see. Really think that baseball is for me, but want to run too. Hey, got the rubber paddlet his past week, Dude it is like a fire all over my butt cheeks! Got it in the inner thighs and upper thighs, cried and screamed like Josh! The guys in the locker room kidded me when they saw thr reddnes, it was still there the next day! 1st licking in a while, got to watch my mouth!

Lent is when I give up eating dessert, I like it but it's ok, and I want to stay fit for the chicks. Am back working outND PLAYING THE PIANO AND ORGAN! Maybe Bobjo will get on here later, he sleeping real late, glad to be home and not have to get up at 5am! No, he's not got the 6" strap, but 2 Dudes did in the last 2 weeks, one from his barracks, they call the dorms that!

Talk when we get back home,keep YOUR behind cool! No Dads rubber "torture" paddle!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-09 16:04:36


Tener un buen dia e la escuela,in Spanish! Hey am getting ready to go get off my cast! So, not in school today! Have fun doing track, I think I am going to sign up for it too! Josh got the rubber paddle last night, yelled and screamed so I was sure my Grandpa could hear him! Dad gave him the licking in his den, door opened so I saw it, Dude, glad it wasn't my butt cheeks, his were beet red and on fire! Hope he learns quick to NOT talk back to Dad, man, I did it once, and was sore a week! Talk later,


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-06 13:41:24


GIANTS WON! We were for them, hate that Brady, he's a snob, but Manning is real cool! Wow, what a game, we were home and had a superbowl party, cousins, aunts and uncles and some of my parents friends, had hot dogs, wings, all good stuff. That Manninham was awesome, he should of gotten the MPV, but, it was really Eli's to win! Hey, did u know Eli comes from elite, and God's gift, or something like that! Yeah, just took a look at the belt now, got to go to school, talk later!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-05 13:49:08

He keeps them all in his den, which is also like an office. They are in a drawer and we are not alloews in it! He keeps on wide belt hanging in the back of me and Josh's bedroom door, that's supposed to remind us of what happens ifwe do bad stuff! It sometimes works, especially when the doors closed and we can see it. Jake