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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-28 12:20:53

Hi Olip: Buff, both nice build and in shape! Grandpa is my Mom's Dad, and he lives with his gf, Grandma passed away and he's living in sin! Just kidding, she's like another Grandma and we call her Nana. Running the halls doesnt sound like much fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Josh and I were fighting over a game, and Dad was annoyed, said to cut it, and of course, Josh kept grabbing it away so i punched him, he punched me back and Dad licked us on our bare butts with the paddle, in front of Grandpa! Took me 1st, pulled my pj's down, over his knee, and wack,15 hard ones, I was balling . Next Josh while I rubbed by fire red butt cheeks! Grandpa said we both deserved the licking since we were warned!Yeah, it's worse cause Dads is really well muscled, does your Dad work out too?

Talk later.


Posted in SPORTS UNDERWEAR - MEN AND BOYS ONLY on 2012-02-27 19:58:46


U got no bros or Dad? Man, u got to take care of ur "family jewels", in soccer u need a jock with a built in hard cup! Easy to buy on line or if u r embarresed, and shouldn't be, in a sports store!

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-26 13:16:47

Hi Olip:

Home from Arizona,we had a blast! Grandpa is too cool, very fit, he works out at the gym there and so all the old guys look pretty buff! He got the speedo caus i have one and Bobjo makes fun of me, so when he put his on Bobjo didn't know what to say! Dad already left to take Bobjo back to school this am, I didn't go cause we have a Church duty, am on the alter learning! Hey Bobjo likes to get me in trouble, and ok, sometimes I don't share that I got spanked, but most times i do! Yeah, I hate that rubber paddle, and me and Josh got it with Grandpa looking on, so embaressing, but he's seen us naked lots, in the locker room at the pool and all! He even commented on us getting bigger, me and Josh have good size $%!@, like Dad and Bobjo!

Snow must be great! U sled, snowboard? Ice skate on any ponds? I got to practice piano and organ, and for lent am not cussing, even in the locker room!We drove, no real fighting cause bobjo helped Dad with the driving, and he sat in front, Mom and me and Josh in back! Can't really fight with Mom in between us!

Go home last night, getting ready for church, back to school tomorrow, too bad you only get a day off! Ok, talk later,


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-24 13:45:56


Am here in AZ with my laptop and so is Jake, here u go on,Jake1

Hi Olip, have had alot of fun, swimming every day in the pool at Grandpa's condo Yeah, and he got a speedo lik u Dude, 4 the ckicks to ck em out I did, and they do, Bobjo is wearing long trunks and looks like a fag Hey little bro, want ME to bust ur a s s Ok, just kiddin, he is built and they really like to look at us both Ok, Dude we r gettin ready 4 a trip o the mts and rock climin, u keep ur butt cool, hey Josh and Jake, here already GOT it with Dad's rubber paddle, the one he PACKS 4 r trips, let Jake tell u about his lickin Bobjo has a big outh, not now, we'll takl with out this pain in my $%!@ bro ouch, he just punched me,i punched him back, got to go

Yeah, before the old man hears and we both get r a s s e s paddle, bye, Bobjo, Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-20 20:40:48


Gettin ready to go to AZ and see the grandparents, how u doin? Jake tells me u and he r behavin real good, far and in between a s s whippins! Well, I think Jake fails to always tell u when his butt is busted, like since I came home, 3 times! Got the rubber paddle Dad's belt and a trip to the woodshed with little bro Josh!

Schools great, Ftball was awesome, am gearin up fot baseball! lot's of studying ,No rubber strap on my butt,but Dudes have gotten it plenty! Once u feel that u never WANT to get it again!

Hey, did good in cross country, kudo's, man! How's school, workin hard, i do know Jake is, NOt Josh, and the paddle on his rear is usually for bad marks, cussin and he gets paddled in PE too!

Ok, SUV is packed and we r of, got my license and will help Dad drive! Behave, keep the a s s way far from Dad's paddle, and talk again, when we get home!