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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-03-15 12:42:25

Hi Olip: You are right, I got to watch my mouth both in the house and on the field! Man, by behind is still kind a sore, and I donn't want that dreaded fire all over my butt cheeks! Us Dudes don't try to take the name of the Lord in vain, it's other bad words, those still get me in trouble at home. My Dad does sometimes cuss, but again, not using God's name in vain, and never in front of Mom. When a truck almost broadsided our SUV, and Dad had to swerve off the road, yes, he cussed, and i would of too!

Our Organ is very special, I did ask the mane last Sunday, maybe like Fisher, I'll ask again at practice. It was copied from a real specail one, maybe in NYC! No, we don't have a pipe organ at home, just one that's like a piano size, never heard of pipe organs in a house!

Hey, I even laughed at my sining, instead of singing! Guess I was still on my stomach from the fire on my behind when I wrote it! Yeah, we both know our Dads mean business but only are licking us for our own good, bur Dude, it stings! I love my Dad ,he's thebest, firm but I think fair, too!

Glad you are having such warm whether, could you still have some snow? Will it get cold again! We are now in the warm trend, just will get hotter and that's fine, i like to show off my bod without a shirt, too! Let the chicks admire all the workouts, right!

Promise I will watch my big mouth, so my butt is cool, not on fire! You too, ok off to school!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-03-13 12:37:48

Hi Olip:

70, wow, that's hot for you Dudes this time of year, right? Typical for us, and hotter here! Yeah, practice started, am getting in good time, even if I am # 2 pitcher, but still learning. Have a strong arm, we are doing lots of workouts, and strenght training. Got lots of jocks, we wear mizuno sliding pants, got to stick in a hard cup, also got their uniforms. Bad news, my mouth ran off and Dad gave it to me HARD with the rubber paddle! DUDE it's like fire cracers all over my butt cheeks, man I did scream from the pain, it was a scorcher! Got my mouth washed out with a bar of soap, too! Not a good weekend, here for me! Got to watch what I say from the baseball field and into the house!

Practiced on the church organ, lot differnt from mine at home, we are all sining for Easter, and I am playing one song, so it will be cool!

Got to go, talk later!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-03-08 20:29:58

Hey olip;

How are you doing? I sometimes get "it" that way, depends on how bad I was. But, yes, if i am spanked over his knee, its just like your Dad does, can't move cause he's got me really in tight with his hand holding my back and usually my hand pined back so i can't put it on my behind, and his right leg clamping down ,then he raises the paddle up over his shoulder and ouch, strikes my i cheek then the other! Yes, it is like a fire burnin up and down the 2 butt cheekd and upper thighs! He will also make me open up wide to lick insde,which really stings bad! We always have our man to man talk after about 15 min, when he leaves me rubbing my behind and dancing around crying and sobbing!

Hey, we got to clean our rooms on Sat., but if no companies coming over, it can be a bit messy! Mom always washes our jocks, but we get to wash the cups. Sometimes Josh and me just leave them where Mom placed them, on a chair in outr room, cause we have to put all clothes away, when we get around to it! She's not that fussy, guess cause she's in practice and has no house keeper! But the rest of the house is real neat!

Yeah, lv having chicks admire my buff bod!

Got to study talk later!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-03-03 15:56:49

Hey Olip:

You never used or heard of "buff". Heck, it means a Dude who's strong, got real hard and tight muscles! That's what you and me are aiming for, right? So the chicks like to see you,buff, in your speedo's! Not at all dirty, Bobjo is really buff, so is my Dad and both Grandpa's! You bet I know how strong. or BUFF my Dad is whan I get the fire on my buttocks from the rubber paddle! Hey, I am going to still play baseball, I like it alot, so I will just do cross country with Dudes who are on the baseball team, sort of extra training! You haven't had much snow? Well, I guess March can get some, I'd like to see some snow!

Me, too. piano/oran teacher is coming now. Josh is getting piano lessons, but he really doesn't like to focus! Dad told Mom not the punish him, if he really can't do the playing, he can keep on the drums. He really likes them and is good! I think Mom doesnt like the noise, so Dad has them out in the garage where our gym is! Bobjo and me are really good at piano, and so is Mom! Dad, not so, but likes the drums, so that's Josh's forte!

He's in 8th, 12, and 5'6". Pretty good build od course he wears jocks, have to in PE, and he's on a Jr Varsity like 8-9th grade, baseball team. We got more jocks aroung r house, my Dad wears them Bobjo, even though he's away at school he leaves some home, Dude right now in me and Josh's room I count 3 on the floor, 2 hanging over the back of my desk chair, and both of us got 2 clean ones to put away! Mom washes them, we got to put them in the drawers,but sincr the room is jock heaven, we often don't! How about you?

Hey, piano teachers here, talk later!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-02-29 14:00:24

Doug, sorry not getting back, on vacation, now am on 24/7 for 5 days straight, will talk on next day off, with the Dudes u work with, is cp allowed? Usually not, I had a long and hard time finding a Military School for my oldest that uses cp! Don't go on emails, feel it's not for me! Will talk next week!On here, if that's ok with u!