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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-05-30 12:57:33

Hey Olip:

Havr been punished for about 1 month, not able to use my lap top, except for homework stuff. Hope your have been good, how's school, I got one more exam, this afternoon, and OVER for the summer!Am working with Bobjo and Josh at Dads lawn main co> Getting $8.50 an hr, sounds good to me! When is school over for you? Bobjo is home and already working. Got to go, will talk later in week! Hope your butt has been away from and rubber paddles, can't say mine has, but will tell you later!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-04-17 13:03:29

Hola Olip:

GREAT fun! We were on the Radiance of the Sea, a real great ship, left San Diego, Cal. and went to 5 different ports of call in Mexico, sure we both spoke Spanish, Mexico is Spanish speaking, some have a bit of a mixture, maybe Inca like, but we did great! Will tell you more, am going to school, just wanted to say, Hi, hot there, huh, like us, Dude we hit 100, sweating throug my jocks at baseball practice! Yeah, Dad packed the rubber devil, and he did use it, I'll tell you about THAT later, enjoy running in the heat and piano! Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-04-15 21:17:23

Hey Olip: Just home from the cruise, Dude it was awesome! Never had so much fun, sports, swimming, rock climbing, skeet shooting and more! Food fantastic, was with lots of Dudes and chicks our age ,younger, for Josh, older, for Bobjo! Did everything! Lot's of interestintrips on shore, and Mexico has some real cool places. Also lot's of problems, drugs, gangs, shooting in the streets-lucky we didn't go to those places, but Dad made sure we were safe!

Will talk later in week, tired and have to do some unpacking, and rest! Hope you had a great Easter, tell me about it!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-04-06 12:50:23

Hey Olip: No we live south east, were lucky to not get near the devistation, a friends roof came off, he moved to Dallas from here when his Dad was transfered,but no one was killed! We leave Sun, I will tell you about the cruise when we get back, Bobjo came home yesterday, glad to see him. Yeah it's warm, hot here, so no double layers of anything, hope you get a nice Spring! Joah is still getting the rubber paddle, was spanked just yesterday efore Dad went to pick up Bobjo, he has a big mouth and got that washed out with soap before he got the rubber fire on his bare butt cheeks! Ok, got to admit, I was thrashed this past weekend, Dude, it is a fire all over the backside, thighs and inner thighs! Yes, I still cry and scream, but Dad just makes sure I get enough to remeber! AM gettin far less spankings now. Ok, Judas part is coming along, I want to play Jesus next year, we will see. Paseball is great, we play the other schools in the league, I think we are best! Hey, we will see when we win, or don't!

Got to go, me Bobjo and Josh are going over to the mall after breakfast to get some stuff for the trip! Happy Easter!

Talk when we get back. Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-03-31 15:03:05

Hi Olip:

You won't believe it but I am going to be judas! Don't laugh, we were all given parts, and that's going to be me! We got a week off after Easter, Bobjo will be home and we are all flying to Cal., and going on a Cruise to Mexico! Our Grandparents are coming, and 2 of my Aunts and Uncles, with 3 other cousins! Never been on a criuise before, have you? Sounds like fun, we get to be in the young adults program, can do all sorts of sports, even rock climing up on the ship's funnel, I think. Skeet shooting, 2 pools and meet hot chicks!

No rubber paddles or nothing for me, Josh has gotten about 5 lickings in the last 2-3 weeks, he lazy and lies about school work! So his butt cheeks are usually bright red! I forget the name of the organ maker, maybe Fisher? Tomorrow at Palm Sunday I'll ask again. Off Good friday, you have no Spring vacation? Easter Mon is No holiday here,either.

Glad you did good time in the mile, we are practicing baseball and it's HOT! Going to have my piano, organ lessons, talk later!