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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-08-12 19:47:17

hi Olip:

Friends get it here too, and we get paddled in school, especially Phys Ed, and coaches in team sports, so we just compare backsides and see whos' most striped, red and blistered, nothing really embarrassing.

Glad you enjoy running, it's not too hot there I guess, whew, here, over 10 and daily! Wear a Schutt ftball girdle with all protection, just put in a hard cup and GO! I still wear my Shock Doc playing baseball. Josh is 13, and 5'9", getting strong and big! Yeah, he can take it, still screams and cries as the strokes whip his bare behind, though, and the razor strop, which HE got yesterday!, he really screamed ! Dad strapped him 25 times, which is half that I got last week! Hey, enjoy church, am still playing organ and piano, u too!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-08-07 12:18:12

Hi Olip:

Yeah, and my behind is still blistered, Bobjo's too, well we did miss a strict curfew, making out with chicks, trying to NOT get into more trouble if u know what I mean! Olympic's are cool, saw Phillips, he's a true hero for US, glad we beat the Chinese! Good that you r running, cross country is better if it's not as hot as here, footbasll practice is hot, am or later in the dusk, but we sweat r balls off and go! Yeah, Rams, like Bobjo's truck, I didn't want the same Silverado Texas edition for ME! Josh got it with the rubber paddle yesterday, so now we all have very sore butt cheeks, of course he still cries and wimpers like a baby, we got to toughen him up!

Off to football practice then work! Talk again, kkep the backside away from the paddle!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-08-06 12:31:51

Hi Olip:

Been working too much to pay off truck, and football practice started, so I am dog tired! Bobjo leaves for his school on Wed. had football practice starting too, so we are working double time to earn enoughmoney for the trucks, have enought for the whole years payments, monthly, Bobjo has his just about paid off1 Am Quaterback, and will kick a-- on them other teams, big time! Bobjo's the same, he still takes Chines, fluent in Spanish, me, not quite, Josh is taking Spanish, we need that here as we got lot's of Mexican folks living here. Got to admit I got the strop in the woodshed, WITH Bobjo, we missed curfew on Sat night, so have VERY blisterd butt cheeks, ouch, just sitting and typing hurts, through my levis! How about u, still no licks? Good ,I forgot how it stings!Only 90's, we are in the 100's, it's HOT dude, and we work outside! Going to work, behave and don't let the old man use your butt for target practice!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-07-24 20:17:11


Am back, for awhile. We have been working r behinds off, and I made so much $ that I bought a used truck, a Chevy Silverado, TEXAS edition! Me and Bobjo enjoy goin to work in it, leave his Dakota at home! Am paying it off, and my Dad signed the note with me, and so, am working day night and weekends! No time for anu slip ups, and have gotten no lickings since June! Hope you are ok, will try and chat later in the week. Josh is still getting the strap, more so than I think I got it at his age, but Bobjo says not so! Be cool, and do you work at all this summer?


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-06-18 16:41:15

Hey Olip:

Not on here for a long time, am working HARD with Bobjo and Josh, making alot of $, saving UP to buy a used Ford F-150! Put down $2,000. and will need another $2,500, then i can get it! The truck is my cousin Lief's, in great condition, and it's black with crome wheels,real cool!

Hey how's your summer? Any rubber paddling? All 3 of us got taken to the woodshed and strapped, man that still is wicked! BURNS,DUDE! Are you working? Need $, right? Hey, home for 20 min, and out again, hope all is well, talk again.