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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-01-24 20:40:08

Olip: You always think the worse, I am NOT dead, jailed, shot or got in a accident! I am working my behind OFF with the payments for my truck, finished football, now me and my Dad and Uncles and cousins are hunting, getting ready for baseball practice, doing all my school work, and I am really tired by the time I get home. So, I haven't been on here, but i am good! Bobjo told you about his trip, he's goin for a long time, will miss the Dude, and yes, me and Josh did get the strop and it stung real bad! How about you, still gettin it? How's school? i am doing real good, 4 A's. 3 B+, one c, and I did get the strap for the c. Promise I will reply as soon as you blog, behave and I guess I got it last! Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-01-24 18:40:07

Hey DUDE: Long time not on here! Am home gettin ready to go to China for 6 months, + summer internship, got a scholarship from school, as am 1st in our Chimese advanced classes. Jake is working his butt off, cause he's got to pay for his truck, and never has time to go on here, but I told him I was, and he says Hi. How u doin? Still gettin thrashed with the rubber paddle? Me, not in about 8 months, guess I've outgrown gettin it, maybe cause I am taller now than Dad! Jake and Josh are still feeling the fire on their backsides, since I got home last Sat., both got the stropin the woodshed! How's school? Track and swimming? Hope u r doin great, and especially with piano and languages. Are u taking Spanish? We have warm weather here, I read the North East is COLD, any snow? We leave for California next Friday, then on to Beijing,where we stay the 1st 3 months, next to Shanghi where we base for the rest of the semester. Zai xuexiaaguo ge hao nian, Bobjo

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-10-03 19:30:47

Hey Dude:

Sorry for not getting on here, got a new job to help pay my truck expense, am tutoring 5 kids in Spanish, $30 bucks an hr. Great $, and 2 of em I do 2 hrs each, that's all weekly! Sorry to say since last on I got strapped 2 times, one over the wooden horse, the other real painful, over Dads truck hood, out on the farm with switches he made me get from a Rosebud tree! Bare butt, 50 strokes and I had to go sit in Church in the pew after the beating! Man, I didn't sit still at all!

5 games left ,am 2nd line Quaterback, play alot, we r doing good! Well, let me brag, WON all the games, so far! Man, and I tired! Guess your Dad's saying about a tired boy NOT getting in trouble worked for me, until I screwed up bad! Ok, how' cross country, and what r u going to play after? School? Betcha u r doing great. No whippings? Little Bro, Josh is still getting em at least weekly, sometimes more! I am helping him with Spanish, and he doesn't listen, Mom says hes ADHA, Dad says he needs his butt whipped!

Hey, off to practice, be cool!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-09-11 13:38:44

Hey man, Am busting my butt, between school, football practice, games, and working, cause I got to pay for my truck, I have NO time to get on here, am just waiiting to start history class and can sit and say Hi.

Hope all is well, my butt is cool, no time for gettin in trouble, piano, organ goin good, hardly have time to play or practice, we play Hemphill on the 14th, plan to beat em , got to drive 85 on some roads and they still go 90, I don't, if I get 1 ticket I lose the truck, Dad will take the keys and I imagine i'd get the strop!

Ok, talk later, keep cool, Dude!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-08-20 13:00:02

Hi Olip: UYou got it we ARE the Rams, best in south west Texas! Yeah, the strop IS real bad cause it's long, hard and cracks your butt like it's cutting it in half! Played the organ in Church this pasr Sun cause we had a presentation from the Teen Club, gave them money we earned through the year doing car/truck washes and detailing, made over $2,500. Nice program.Glad it's nice weather, we still have 100 and above, practice early am, tonite after 7.

Got to go to work, last week, see yoy! Jake