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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-06-12 14:50:06

Hey Olip: Not to worry, final exams and i am doing great, proud, not one strapping since we last texted, am still workin 3 jobs to pay off truck, plus baseball, Josh is getting better too, only's gotten maybe 5 strappings , Bobjo is home and looking at the AF Academy this week with our Dad, he like China, but not the food too much and the smog is awfull. Hey how's school, bet u r doing great, sports, still cross running? Got to go, will try and be back here by end of week and share much more. Sorry u get too not talk with me that much, but I really have to pay this truck off, am puttin at least 2 payments each month instead of 1 so I will have it paid by next summer! Behave, dude, Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-04-09 14:00:58

DUDE u know I am alive working my a s s off payin 4 my truck, baseball practice, studying, working still catcher, we practice alot, got all my jocks and shorts,ready and on. Bobjo really likes China, my parents r worried about that Kim Jung NUT in NK, but Bobjo says China is safe, does say they have real bad pollution, he comes home mid May, graduates and has decided to go to the AF Academy, our Congressman already recommended him so it's a go piano and organ r on back burner stopped lessons cause have no time, but i play when i can glad u like both glad ur butt is cool, since i was on here last, sorry to say i got it real hard, razor strop in the woodshed, 50, my butt cheeks were on fire, Josh gets about one licking a week, also got it the same day i did only he was strapped 25 times hey, u do bad and u get strapped, Dad still believes i am not too old to be chastised ok, on to school, keep doing track and behave, guess u r a better man that me Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-02-11 17:58:16

Hi Olip; U are so lucky, how many feet was the storm? Rare to get snow down here, but once in a while, I've gone to Colorado with the family to ski 3 times, would like to go again. Cool that u dudes made the snow family, did u get your pictures taken? Got to go to class, then baseball practice and work, homework and home! DUDE, I get real tired! How about you? Josh got IT this weekend, the rubber paddle, MAN the sound of it smacking little bros bare a s s, and his cryin and yellin, GLAD it wasn't ME! Texas edition is the added on extra's and script that says it! Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-02-04 14:50:28

Hi Olip: Bobjo's in China, says he got there and air is awfull, smoggy, worse than in Los Angeles! Beijing is very large, a big City like Huston, but more even, so big it's like NYC! He will be emailing me when he has time. My truck is a Chevy Silverado, Texas edition of course! Cool, man, real cool gets the chick's eyes! Ok, I know u r not quite into dating yet, but someday soon u will! U just got to be careful, and not let stuff get out a hand! Lucky u haven't felt the rubber paddle in over a year, guess bein an only helps with stayin out of Brother trouble, that's what get's my behind strapped! None though since the last I told u about, or Bobjo did. Hey, keep up with playing the organ and piano, wish I had more time! No, my truck payments ain't SO bad, I had alot of $ to put down, Mom and Dad had bonds for me, also Bobjo and Josh, from when we was born,and for celebrations on, so we could use it for whatever, as long as they approve, and I got my truck. Down here u need whells, so far goin anywhere, and parents can't always take us. Got to go to school, stay cool!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-01-28 17:50:55

hi Olip: Man, u always think the worst....I am not dead, in jail, or nothing real bad, just working my a s s off to pay my monthly laon on my truck. Work at the local sporting good store, not as big as sportauthority, but for down here, its BIG! Paid salary + commission, so I got $ for laon, gas and some fun! But with school, sports and homework, not much time for fun! Yeah, got the razor strop, Dad took me and Josh with Bobjo lookin on, to the woodshed, and my butt is still smokin from the 50 strokes! I think it's worse than the rubber ones, so I guess u will never know since u don't get it with a strop. Getting into baseball practice, we start in Feb., it's been hot here, is it cold up by u? U got the indoor pool at school? Am sure u will run great, just pull on ue jock and GO! Just piano once every 2 weeks, I got to pay for that, too, so I can't afford weekly. Play the organ and DO get nice spiritual feelings, we have a new Pastor, and he's much better than the last, who believed in chastisement even in church, the new guy tells parents to whip u at home, no more belts on kids behinds in church or Sunday school! Yeah, I like spanish, maybe will follow Bobjo and take Chines, but then I got to go to his Military School. amd I am not sure if that's for me.

Hunt deer and boar right now, rabbits too. no squirrels, I don't like it,ain't tasty. Hey man, got to go, Bobjo's getting ready to go to China , he said he'll try and talk to u before he leaves.................remember, I can't get on here as much and please don't think I crooked!

Behave, guess u r a better man than me since no a s s whippings for a year now for u! Keep the butt cool! Jake