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Posted in How many under18 still get spanked as punishment on 2010-05-12 19:12:41

Man, brings back memories, me and my best friend had gone to a Boy Scout meeting in the neighborhood church. It was getting dark as we walked home throught our village, and he , me and another friend were shooting the bull, cussng, smoking and being real $%!@. There were planters in front of the stores,and we decided to push some over. Only thing, the Shoe store owner saw us, and he knew ME! He called my Dad, told him about what we did, and also what my friends looked like. I got home last, and there was Dad at the door, with the razor strop. had been my granddads. He grabbed my arm, threw me over his chair, pulled my Levis and shorts down and busted my bare $%!@, it must have been 100 times, Next, out to the car, and over to the village, where my 2 friends Dads had pulled up and parked. We had each gotten a whipping, and gingerly got out of the cars, rubbing our sore butts! Our Dads made us pick up the planters, and put them back. Then, we were taken up the stairs to old man Siegles Apt. above the store. and one by one were given another licking , each Dad used his own belt! The 3 of us couldn't walk or sit for the rest of the week. Worse, I got another 50 strokes when we got home, and was grounded for a week. Dad used his belt, mostly, but if I was in real trouble, like then, I got the Strop across my bare $%!@!