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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2011-11-28 13:01:18

Hey Olip:

Real excited, never got to NYC before, all those places you mentioned sound great.Not so sure of Opera, Mom like it, us Dudes-NOT! Ground Zero for sure, we are at a hotel on Times Square, Dad says there is a restaurant that revolves at the top, not sure if we will go there, but sounds like fun! Are going to see plays on Broadway, maybe a bb game at the Garden, we go Dec. 21st!

Ok, so Bobjo told you about my licking, yeah, I didn't let on cause I wanted to be more like you in NOT gettin "it". But, told a bit of a story and Dad found out it was a lie, was supposed to be at the library, was making out with a gf, so I got it in the woodshed! Learned my lesson!

Hey, wear a tight jock, no cup, it hurts with a cup, also a body suit so it flows with the bends you take.

Glad you are swimming so well, Bobjo and Dad went to Az to see Grandpa and Ma, will retutn tomorrowm hw goes back to school then! Yeah, I need to be careful, no more strop on my butt! Got to go, talk soon,


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2011-11-26 13:11:40

Hi Olip:

Sorry for not replying, have been real busy, we picked up Bobjo and had a nice trip to the Gulf, went fishing and then up north to turkey shoot, got 1, Bobjo and Dad 2 and , got 3!!! He's got good aim with the arrow! Took em all home, Dad showed us how to dress them, which means take off the feathrs, etc, some is not nice to hear about, and we gave them to our family!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, how's the weather, cold? Still warm here, watched and played football, and none of us has been in need of Dads rubber paddle or strap! You too!

Hey, Bobjo wants to say HI, we are both playing the organ! My piano teacher also teaches organ, so it's real good !


No lickings? U r doin real good, he, Jake is lyin, he did get the razor strap just before they picked me up, guess he forgot, but when we had gotten home, he had a welted, beet red a s s ! Ok, Dude, ok, he just socked me, but he can't lie, and that's why he "GOT IT", and yes, in the oodshed!

Real cool, turkey hunting, and we got plenty of good eatin fish at the Golf, hey how's school, u and Josh r doin great, he tells me, hear u did great in crosscountry, and now what, still swimming? How's the chicks? See u in the speedo, or is the pool just for guys? We swim nude in the Academy's indoor poll, cause NO chicks anywhere around! Feels great to let it all hang our and bob up and down, ever try it?

Dude, glad u r well, enjoy rest of holiday, Jake told u we r goin to NYC 4 X-Mas? He says talk later, gettin ready 4 a road trip ts see r grandparents in AZ, don't have to be back at school til wed.

Behave, and keep yr Dads rubber away, meaning the paddle, man!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2011-11-10 18:16:08

Hi Olip:

We have exams and 1/2 day,so I am getting ready to play the organ. Do houses have pipe organs? I would think they'd be too big. What's yours? Our church has a pipe organ, and most one's I visited do too.

Sorry to tell you, got my butt blistered this past weekend! Was fooling around with a Dude from football, he was over and we were doing video games, and I said a few choice words. just playing, and he did back. Well, Dad heard us, and must of called his Dad cause next thing we both were told to unbutton our jeans, pull down the shorts and bend over the couch. I got 25 strokes with the rubber strap, and so did Nick. Both of us cried and Josh was smiling in the door way!I wanted to sock him, but knew I'd get another dose, so just laid back! Nicks Dad came and DUDE, he took his belt off, and we were both back over the couch, bare a s s e d and got another 25! Man, we both were sobbing and rubbing our beet red butt cheeks! Nicks Dad took him home, and he got his mouth washed out. Dad marched me into the bathroom, and I got the bar of soap, had to keep it in 5 min. I was sure I was getting another licking, but was sent up to my room the rest of the day!GOT to watch my mouth, when we are in the locker room and on the ffield, we cuss all the time. How about you, do you and the Dudes cuss?

Ok, you are now way ahead of me, keeping your butt COOL!

Yeah, Bobjo is real, real smart. Our Uncle Jake, the MD,says he's up to go to pre-med, and then med school. He also excels in science, got the higest grade point in the Academy.'

Decide I don't like BB, am going for wrestling! My weight is 150, so I am big, and pretty advanced. We got to shower BEFORE suiting up, and after. Seems there was a scare from dirty mats and sweat, some Dude almost died from MERCER, ever hear of it? I think it's in your blood stream, very bad. You got to disinfect the mats before and after wrestling, the coaches do it. No Dude can start without showering 1st, and the coaches ck every guy. Also, right after. Am enjoying it, BB to me is just boring!

Just watch the chicks! Bet we both look buff, am working out daily, we got the home gym, and Dad joins us when he can. AND, make sure u keep it in your pants!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2011-11-04 12:36:12

Hi Olip:

It's a electronic one. Seems to make great organ sounds, but not like our pipe organ in church. I am enjoying playing it, similar to the piano, but different too. It's great! Yeah, use the feet and am lucky to be agile. Bach is awesome, and I like the church music that I am playing, makes you feel nice!

Last game, we lost! But I did get in entire 4th quater, felt real good, threw great, next year we will do alot better. Coach says we got to have stronger defense, and we do!Lucky that you can swim, am still using the pool cause it's still real hot and dry here!Snow this early, gee, did you have enough to ski? How many inches? We just need rain!

Yeah, got to wear my jock when I date, have to keep it in! No lickings here, not even Josh, and he did real good on his last tests, so we are all happy for him! Bobjo got an A- in Chinese, so he's real pleased! Be good, talk soon!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2011-10-30 12:25:16

Hey Olip:

LOST again! Guess that Rangers are not up to top, Dad was sure St. Louis would win from the start, but we were really upbeat at the game! Well, maybe next yr!

Have great piano news, well sort of. Mom got a organ from a friend who is moving to NYC and doesn't want to pay for it to go there!So we are picking it up today! I am real excited, will now get to play both! You still play in yor church, right! How different is it? Got to get tro church and then get the organ, talk later!

Jake ps, am going to play bb this winter, you still swimming?