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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-01-21 15:45:38

Hi Olip:

Not dead, went skateboarding, fell and broke my right wrist and elbow! Not fun, since i am rt handed! So, have been not on here, this is 1st time! Can't do hardly nothing, no PE, wrestling, can't even unzipper my jeans, wear gym shorts or workout stuff! Was out of school just 4 days, back on last Mon, keeping up with all my subjects. How's track? What's your best time? Any snow, we have had hot weather!

Ok, got to go, talk in a few days, am doing this with my left fingers-not easy,worst is trying to "wipe" if u know what I mean! Also, can't cut stuff, DON'T skateboard if u r not good at it! Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2012-01-07 13:50:52

Hi Olip:

Busy styding for MORE exams, hey NYC awesome, went to Empire State, top some views, Broadway play, Spiderman, flew threw the air above us, Central Park, running 3 days in early am, lots of restaurants, Mom and Bobjo went to the Opera, Dad me and Josh saw Misssion Imposssible, ferry ride no Statue but Ellis Island. Better than I expected, and we had fun on the jet going and home! Had nice New Years, Happy New Year!

Great butterfly time, man, glad you are doing so good. Wrestling is great, amhave won 2 meets, lost 3! But am enjoying it! Piano and organ-great, waiting for my teacher this am, whats shoo fly pie? Got to tell the truth, me and Josh both got the rubber paddle for fighting, not in NYC, none of us got "it" there, home, last week, and it reminded me "not" to do bad stuff, just FIRE on my butt cheeks! You are lucky NOT to have a brother, he was the one who started it, but, as Dad said, I'm older and should ajust, so he ajusted our behinds! Bobjo is back at school, also studing for exams. You have yours yet? Heyn NYC was pretty warm, no snow, did you have snow? Ok, got to get ready for piano/organ practice, talk later!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2011-12-31 21:36:03

Happy New Year! Got home 5am yesterday,am real tired, we had a blast!Stayed at Marriot Marque on Times Sq, had a restaurant that turned 360 degrees saw all NYC and way out each view, Statue was closed, Ground O was awesome and sad. Central Park, Rockefellar center, skated, Empire State, top, views all over! We r going to my Aunt/Uncles 4 New Year dinner, will tell you about all the rest in a day or so! No paddle for any of us!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2011-12-20 13:28:22

Hi Olip:

MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy new year too! Am packed and ready to go! Leave 9am tomorrow, can't wait to get to NYC! Guess we won't have snow, but will see everything! Hope you get snow, so at east you can sled. Bobjo says high, he's packing now, and we need to be on best behavior! Talk when we get back, enjoy! Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2011-12-10 15:19:19

Hey olip:

Have had exams, and am studing real hard, want to get mostly A's, might get a couple B+'s, but still ok! How's school? Have you had exams yet? Am real excited about NYC, will see about the Opera, Mom and Bobjo might like to go, funny, Bobjo is such a jock and likes Opera! Guess there are none in Chinese? Wrestling is going great, am now just about up to speed in my weight group, so far I won 2, losr 3! Hope to be in a few meets, will see. Bet the chicks really like your abs and MORE! Better watch out-if you know what I mean? Piano and organ is fine, am waiting for my teacher as I write this. How is the weather by you? Cold, any snow? Hope we see snow in NYC! Leave on Dec. 21st, from Dallas/Ft Worth, go to JFK, did you go there too? So far so good, my butt has NOT got any implements of persuasion on it!But, I overheard Dad, and he's taking the rubber paddle with him to NYC! Hope I don't need it, would be real embarressed to get "it" in a hotel. Door bell, she's here, got to go, will try and talk in the next week, BEHAVE! Jake