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Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2014-03-31 18:59:43

Hey Dude, Bobjo here: Am home for Spring Break, u been talkin on here with Jimbo, I know he's a friend of Olip's. good dudes! Hey, talkin of whippins......just had my 1st in 8 monthe, this past Sat., us dudes in the Cafe talk foul, often say to a chum, pass the F-ING salt/pepper, did it at the dinner table Sat., 5 min later my butt was hauled into Dads truck for a ride up to Grandpa's Barn, where, buck naked I got tied up to rafters by the wrist, feet spread 3 feet apart onto a wooden step with 2 holes to hold ankles, and got 60 strokes with the cat-n-nine taills! Butt cheeks were stripped, welted and burnin from the strokes! Learned my lesson, got to watch my mouth'. Read ur back n forth, yeah, wood shed /basememt whippins over the wooden horse r Texas tradition, I think all my friends got/get it there. Rope burns NOt aproblem. cause r Dads use a nylon rope, not hemp, don't leave burns/bruises. Jake just got IT this am with the rubber paddle, 50 over his bare rear. me and Josh watchin, like ur Dad, our's makes all 3 of us SHARE in the cp, so as we REMEMBER that we will get ITdoin the same act! Like u, Dad still uses the strap, belt, rubber paddle and belt, razor strop, car-n-nine tails, horse whip and not so much, a bull whip! I am the onlybro, spo far to have felt THAT across my a s s ! Worse whippin, ever!.......Maybe the one at school was as bad!Now that we 3 r older, Josh get's the most whippins, guess he's hard headed and rhino skinned behind like his 2 older bros! Takin about cp and sex. I believe the old man did it cause of our cousin knockin up his GF, at 17 and not goin to a Great University!Dad was so sure r hormones would let us , ME do what he did, got beaten for doin IT! Lot's of discussions at school how NOT to but if U do, makin sure u use protection, Have I dodne it ....................got to be honest, yes, and I do think the Old Man knows, BUT also we discuss how to be careful . Guess when Jake loses his virginity, he won't get beat! Don't go on here much cause strudy, play American Foot Ball, baseball, and not have much time left! Ok, Josh wants to say Hi! Am OFF................. Duders, hope yall are good, readabout J's whippins, Bobo share w r still gettin them. Speak sometimes to olip, he seems to have gotten away from needing whippings. me and bros think it's cause he's an only! Don't get into fights, bad behavior like when u got bros. Am workin hard so as I can pay off my truck, also now is baseball and I work 4-7 pm, weekdays, 10-4 weekends and STUDY so I can follow into Bobjo's footsteps to go to the High School he's at, and follow him into a good College, University. He's got into the Best here in the States, and says he wants the AF Academy..we will see! Got to go hope we can talk sooner than later. Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2014-03-19 17:05:53

He Dude: Still walkin and takin and playin, now baseball. Work my butt off with school, fall ftball, and job so I can pay off truck, DUDE, I will have paid it off by Sept! Yeah, heard of the Dude, his name is Marc Lozoga, no we don't play them but he ids damn GOOD! Bobjo is great, going to the AF Academy.pretty much definate, also got into Harvard in Mass. and Princeton, in Jersey. He wants AF Academy, our MD Uncle tryin to talk him int Harvard, Mom and Dad say it's his pick! Man is that Dude smart...................although I've kept a good avg all year. u too? Little time for piano and organ, sometimes play in Church, Josh is still gettin the old man's belt and the razor stro, think maybe I got it 3 times so far this year, and it still burns like fire on ur butt cheeks! How about u, growing out of the need for Dads paddle? Hey, will try and talk later, have much wk to do, lot's a luck, hope all is well, u got alot of snow up East? Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-08-29 13:19:07

Olip; Bobjo is a senior this year, NEXT year he goes, and yes he still plans on the AF Academy. I am busting butt with Ftball, we've already played and WON, and school with working, made enough this summer so I have all monthly payments for my truck, so I can work less and pull on my jock, girdle and GO..also lot's of hard subjects this year, how about u, Dude? Gotta go ,did you start school yet? Jake ps, sorry to say I did get "it", me and Josh were horsing around and broke a lamp, brought to the woodshed, 75 strokes for me, 50 him, got to see what the dudes say in the locker room when they see my a s s covered with wide sripes from the strop! got whipped yesterday, so it stings, man, stings!

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-08-03 15:08:30

Hey DUDE. bothe me and Jake r on here to say hello, and I am off to school, football practice! College choice is AF Academy, and my Dad has his friedn who's r Congressman writing the letter for my acceptance! UNcle stiil thinks I am making the wrong decision, wants me to be an MD, but I know what I want and my parents r all for it. Have a great yr in school and we will be in touch, albiet, not that often. Bobjo Hi Olip, Jake here, yes we got speedo's and now they have all styles, no not raunchy if the girls LIKE it! Hey, NO strappings since we spoke last, how about u? School starts here in a week, u r lucky, after Labor Day, but I still am working to pay for my Truck, sna getting ready for Ftball practice, and working and Dude, don't buy a truck or car if u have to pay it OFF! Talk soon, off to work. Jake

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2013-07-02 19:30:44

Hey Dude; Bobjo here, me and bro r so busy this summer...never get on here, am home today as I got stomach poisoning from eating fish, guess it wasn't too good, was sick all day yesterday, Hey enough, glad u r doin well in scholl and track, Jake is workin his butt off to pay for the truck I told him NOT to buy cause it was too expensive.............little bros don't listen to older SMARTER bros, so he only works, sleeps, play baseball, swims and works again! AND by the way, he LIED about not gettin the STRAP, cause since I am home he's gotten taken to the shed ,Oh, at least 5 times! Says he's older and wiser, but still gets under Dads skin.and therefore gets IT across his bare butt cheeks! Same with Josh, when will they grow up? Oh well, am looking at Colleges and Universities, AF Academy my 1st choice, and I have the grades to get in, but our Uncle who's an MD says I should go into that field, so have also applied to pre-med schools that r really good. China is interesting, too many people too much pollution, food stinks, but learned alot, especially how to speak Chinese in their dialect. Am pretty fluent and do sound Chinese! The people I stayed with were great, really smart and wanted to learn all about the good ole USA, but the government is communist, and I don't like em! Can't trust em as they keep producing everything WE buy......a real sin, our economy is goin down the tubes, look at what u wear, all made in China, including jockstraps and uniforms! Hey Dude, got to go, glad U have grow up and don't need butt whippings, will talk before I leave for school! Bobjo