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Posted in Most infamous leader of the 20th century! on 2010-04-06 22:08:01

thanks. i was really angry this morning. lol. some sevie (7th grader) said that i was lucky i never met michael jackson (i like his music) cause my face would scare him away, so i told him that michael jackson was lucky that he never met him, because michael would think that the sevie would molest him. then he pushed me so i shoved him down. did i overcome any challenges? =]

Posted in Most infamous leader of the 20th century! on 2010-04-06 01:32:12

sorry, no tumors for me. and u have no idea how much i considered killing myself three years ago, when all hell broke loose, and again when i was 12... oh well, im not killing myself. or at least i keep telling myself that. sigh i sound like a totally crazy freak on that comment. i am sincerely so sorry for everything ive ever said to you since it was all acidic and spiteful. i feel like such a jerk right now, no im worse, im a spiteful bitch, and im exactly what my dad keeps trying to make me feel like, the only person on the planet worse than him. im so sorry please forgive me. im trying to be different, trying to change and it would be easier if i had help (love u 2 dad) but right now really all im worried about my stupid conscience. (that isnt nearly as stupid as me) i feel horrible about the things ive said.

Posted in Most infamous leader of the 20th century! on 2010-04-06 01:23:33

er, i think my cousin left that message. i have the same password for everything... i would have tried harder to be a smartass and my vocab is a little better... and i sound like some snot-nosed brat. sounds like her alright... sorry bout that im changing my password

Posted in Most infamous leader of the 20th century! on 2010-04-06 01:17:51

sorry about that. im such a disappointment. it isnt fair that i should take my lifes frustrations out on you. some of your comments upset me, made me feel like a victim i guess. i promised myself to never become a victim again, im so stupid. so yeah sorry about the nasty comments. its not just you, by the way. i seek out flaws in people at school and would not-so-secretly hate them. i have some problems to fix...

Posted in Apollo Moon Landing Conspiracy - Reasonable Proof on 2010-04-06 01:10:25

its real. i think my dad hates me tho. i bet he regrets i was born. he wouldnt care if i died, wait, i take that back he would regret it because he'd need to find some other woman to knock up so he can have another child so when that child comes of age he can either A.) belittle him or her if they ever do anything wrong and hold it against them forever
B.) treat them well if they seem perfect enough with the exceptions of calling them smart @$$es.
where do i fall in i wonder. dad just told me that i was smarter in the books (book-smart, genius) than him but not in words or wit. well gee, maybe if he wasnt so boistrous and would shut up for a few minutes so other i could get more than half a word in i could prove that i am smarter with words. and wits. oh yeah dad, yelling and screaming at your now 14 year old daughter, beating on your girlfriend, and cheating on your daughters mother hile she was pregnant with that very daughter makes u the wittiest person on the face of this planet. jerk face