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Posted in should i switch to briefs on 2010-06-08 03:14:33

did you guys ever switch from boxers to briefs and why?

Posted in should i switch to briefs on 2010-06-07 14:03:00

im still undecided

Posted in guys underwear GUYS ONLY on 2010-04-05 00:17:51

So yesterday i wasat my friends house playing football in the rain and the mud. when it was time to finish everybody left except me my friend and his bro. we went into his house and his mom sent his little bro to go take a bath alone. we had to go in her huge tub in her room. wen we got in she took if my shirt and pants then my friends. i was wearing light blue briefs and he was wearing boxers he just laffed and asked me y i still wore briefs everyday. i saidi liked them better. then she tookoff my briefs and his boxers and saw us naked and made us go in the tub. wen i got out she had already got me a new pack of briefs from the store. they had yellow blue green white and red they were from gap. they had white waistbands. i had to were just the red 1s all day till my clothes dried. i stayed the night and in the morning she made me change to my new yellow briefs in front of her. then wen iwent my mom said wered i get those briefs then i said erick's mom bot them 4 me she made me pay her back but eriks mom said i didnt have to since i still wore briefs and had the courage 2 at age 13 she said that eick wants 2 but is to scared of getting wedgies but he wears them at home on the weekends usually. i asked her y she bot me new wons and she said erick would get embarest if i new he owned brieffs even if i wear them, but i didnt mind, so should i try to convince him 2 wear briefs to school? his mom said she's gonna start forcing him too if he doesn't by May and throw away his and his bros boxers and force them to weir their briefs that they are scared to wear

Posted in Too nervous to wear a swim brief on 2010-04-02 14:46:08

if your too nervous then only bring them to the pool so theres no other choice. Or try and wear them under your board shorts, and take em off when your comfortable. Another option is try to get your friends to wear them so that your not alone.....my ideas

Posted in briefs for punishment on 2010-03-25 22:03:35

ha, lol thats a good idea, though kinda far fetched