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Posted in Kids Taking Their Socks Off at a Friend's House on 2012-02-28 05:00:49

I'm a sock lover and well I can't function without wearing socks I don't like the feeling of being barefoot or without socks and its so uncomfortable first of all my feet get cold easy second of all its the fact the my foot dont feel a sock I try to take my shoes off at the door so I dont tract sanspurs in the house. but I wear socks 24/7 if im forced to remoe socki get sick I just keep clean socks and stocks and my purce if I knom oing osocks off rule house Iwear panyhose people dn k girl to take off panyhose that would be harassment

Posted in Barefoot in the classroom on 2010-02-06 16:55:46

in first grade it was recess time and it had just rained well my best friend was trying to play on the tire swing and below the tire swing was a mud peddle because we had sand on the play ground. and she fell in the mud peddle and she had to take off her blue jeans her shoes and her socks and the teacher gave her a long shirt to wear so other students wouldnt see her underwear but she was barefoot the whole day and the teacher took her jeans and socks but her shoes stayed in the classroom bathroom

Posted in wearing socks on 2010-01-22 19:36:13

i dont understand people who make guests take their socks off if ur that worried about them slipping tell the guests if they want to wear socks stay off hard floors.

Posted in Footwear habits in the household on 2010-01-22 19:13:28

if people are that worried about the guests slipping in socks then tell them a head of time to bring non slip socks that will grip on the floor i have a pair of non slip socks and they do a great job gripping. I think its mean to make guests go sockless im one of those people who have to have socks.

Posted in bare feet in a drama group on 2010-01-21 19:11:48

heres my advice before class on the first day or after class talk to your teacher about ur sock or feet issue that way so he or she could give u a part that allows socks and if the play requires that everyone is barefoot then maybe the instructor can suggest decorating t stage instead acting