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Posted in Wearing sneakers and shoes very loose on 2012-06-23 19:03:37

i have lost sneakers quite a few times. one time i was coming out of an elevator. i had my sneaks real loose and my foot came out as i walked. i turned around but the elevator door closed, and i had on one sneaker and one sock. i called for the elevator, but by the time it came back, my shoe was gone. another time leaving a theater there was a big crowd, someone stepped on my shoe and knocked it off my foot. it was too crowded for me to stop, and i couldnt see my shoe, so i walked out without it.

one time i went to a sports event to watch a friend of mine. i was sitting in the bleachers and had on loose sneaks, and i was doing shoeplay. i felt one sneak slide off and kept playing with the other, then i felt that one fall off. so i just sat in socks until the end when i looked for my sneaks. then i realized they had falled down in the bleachers, and there was no way to get them back. i had to leave in socks.

in a restaurant once i kicked off my sneaks. i kicked them away and they slid over to the aisle area where the waiters were walking. one of the waiters kicked one of my sneaks and it went flying. then the same waiter later on kicked my other one. i think he did it on purpose cuz he was mad i had my shoes off. anyway i couldnt find my sneaks at the end of the meal, so had to leave in socks. my dad was real mad!

if anyone wants to talk about losing shoes, email or im me: soxandboxersboy@yahoo.com

Posted in boys who take shoes off in school on 2012-01-21 13:08:31

please feel free to leave stories of taking ur shoes off in school or if u want, email me: soxandboxersboy@yahoo.com

Posted in boys who wear white or see-through clothes on 2010-09-03 21:34:50

from the poll:

I have white nylon soccer shorts and they aren't really sheer so I though I was safe. I wore them to my gym. I usually freeball but since they weren't see through I thought I was okay. I started running and working out and soon after I was very sweaty. then I noticed other guys staring at me. then I realized my white soccer shorts became semi sheer because they were wet.

Posted in ripping or tearing clothes (boys only) on 2010-08-14 11:59:19

from the poll:

Freshman year in high school i saw two boys get in a fight at a place on the river in the woods where boys sometimes hung out and had campfires and would drink and smoke without their parents knowing. During the fight one boy ripped the others shirt, by accident i think. The boy whose shirt got ripped got $%!@ed and ripped the other guys shirt and then it seemed like they were both hell bent on destroying each others clothes. Everybody was like OMG we couldnt believe what was happening. They were rolling on the ground ripping each others clothes off in pieces. Finaly some guys broke it up and by then they both just had rags hanging off them and their bodies were covered in red marks. The boy who got the worst end of it was almost naked and his bare butt was sticking out and he was so embarassed he was starting to cry. Never seen anything like that in my life, usually its girls who rip each others clothes in a fight like that. I got rock hard in my pants while it was happening. I grabbed one of the ripped pieces of one of the guys pants off the ground and stuffed it in my pocket when nobody was looking and rubbed my $%!@ against it til i jizzed later that nite.

Posted in boys who wear white or see-through clothes on 2010-08-14 11:56:25

here is a good idea from the poll:

I was sagging with a see through shirt on so the underwear would be seen