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Posted in masturbating in school on 2013-05-09 17:19:35

@pwarner, hey thats cool that u did it in class, even tho u got caught. and getting paddled isn't too bad considering u had some fun in class. think u will do it again in class?


i love taking my shoes off in class at school. it feels good and is exciting. i like for other boys to notice, and sometimes they steal my shoes. if anyone wants to talk about this email me: soxandboxersboy@yahoo.com

Posted in boys who lose shoes on 2012-07-20 22:10:14

please feel free to leave messages about losing shoes or email me at: soxandboxersboy@yahoo.com

please leave stories or messages about taking off your shoes at school and other places. or if you want email me at: soxandboxersboy@yahoo.com

Posted in stealing or stolen shoes - for boys only on 2012-06-23 19:17:22

i have lost sneakers quite a few times. one time i was coming out of an elevator. i had my sneaks real loose and my foot came out as i walked. i turned around but the elevator door closed, and i had on one sneaker and one sock. i called for the elevator, but by the time it came back, my shoe was gone. another time leaving a theater there was a big crowd, someone stepped on my shoe and knocked it off my foot. it was too crowded for me to stop, and i couldnt see my shoe, so i walked out without it.

one time i went to a sports event to watch a friend of mine. i was sitting in the bleachers and had on loose sneaks, and i was doing shoeplay. i felt one sneak slide off and kept playing with the other, then i felt that one fall off. so i just sat in socks until the end when i looked for my sneaks. then i realized they had falled down in the bleachers, and there was no way to get them back. i had to leave in socks.

in a restaurant once i kicked off my sneaks. i kicked them away and they slid over to the aisle area where the waiters were walking. one of the waiters kicked one of my sneaks and it went flying. then the same waiter later on kicked my other one. i think he did it on purpose cuz he was mad i had my shoes off. anyway i couldnt find my sneaks at the end of the meal, so had to leave in socks. my dad was real mad!

if anyone wants to talk about losing shoes, email or im me: soxandboxersboy@yahoo.com