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Posted in school showers on 2009-11-25 00:42:44

In my secondary school, they started something new the year I started. The changing rooms hosted both boys and girls, showers were compulsory after each PE lesson and all showers had to be taken naked. Taking showers naked is meant to increase our awarness of others bodies and not shame our own. When we first start the school, most of us were nowere near the pubity stage, so this was meant to ease our nudity as we had nothing to compare or laugh at. Obviously, as we got older, we, the boys, started getting interested in the girls bodies, but we acted sensable. Another rule of our showers is that it must go boy, girl, boy, girl and so on. This means we are next to two girls. Most People have a shower they stick to, so we get used to seeing them naked. Personally, I have a decent build and have gone through puberty, but some kids we find have not. Normally, they would be embarassed maybe to stand nude infront of bpys and girls, but starting it at a young age mentally prepares us for that.

After the showers, we go into the changing room, where we walk around naked with no worries. At the start of each PE lesson, we spend 10 minutes in the changing room and showers. We all get unchanged and remain nude until the teacher turns on the shower. After the lesson, we spend another 10 minutes in there, doing the same. To be honest, I find it unbelievable that my daily routine involves 20 minutes of pure nude infront of boys and girls. I am personally proud of myself to be able to have such a privalege.

While we are in the changing rooms and showers, the teachers do not come in as they belive we need a little privacy. Last week, a new girl joined our school and found our PE routine oit of this world. They felt really incomfortable with just stripping in front of people, especially boys. After the lesson, she actually enjoyed it, and felt comfortable with it, and that was just after one lesson. Our PE area is very controlled and private, so once the lesson starts, the main doors are closed and its like a totally different place there as sometimes we do certain sports naked, like gymnastics and sometimes we do naked-swimming. All of our PE teachers are female but we actually feel better with a female, rather than a male.

And before anyone asks, yes, all he boys do get erections now and then but we think nothing of them as it is natural. One time, this boy and girl got locked on the changing room as they were messing around in the showers and the teacher didnt notice them and I went to get my coat as it was cold outside so i unlocked to door to find them having sex. After that incident, our headmistress questioned if we should not continue with this but in the end, the two pupils were exluded permananty and we got to keep our wonderful PE facilities.

Posted in FEET!! on 2009-08-01 01:32:18

Last year, i lost a really stupid bet with my girlfriend. I was playing on my Xbox when she came round. She said that she could beat me on Call Of Duty 4 so i said game on ( im really good!) But she said if i win, i have to do whatever she wanted for the day but if she wins, then she could have my last Cadburys Creme Egg. I knew its a lose-lose situation but i agreed to it for a laugh. In the end i won, thinking how bad could it be? She made me walk around in my pyjamas (a vest, shorts and usually socks). But, she made me remove my socks which i didnt like one bit as i hated being barefoot. I wanted a re-match but she refused. She then said i have to massage her feet. I was about to start when she told me to take off her socks. I said im not massaging her barefeet but she made me. It wasnt bad actually, they were soft and nice. I massaged her for over an hour. Then she said i must lick her feet. I thought it was disgusting but i did it. I kinda liked it except for the taste. They were sweaty. So now, whenever we make a bet, thats exactly what the loser must do. My girlfriend lost last week so she had to walk around in her PJs (sexy!) and massages and licked my feet. But now ive learnt that people lick feet because its 'a turn on' and stuff but we do it for a laugh as we are only 14 and we find it disgusting yet funny. Sorryif ive gone on and on.

Posted in Movie quote quiz on 2009-08-01 00:56:30

Ok, here are the answers: 1) "I am your father" was Star Wars said by Darth Vader 2) "Yippee ki yay mother f*" was Die Hard said by John McCLane (Bruce Willis) 3) "Do you expect my the talk?" "No mr (name) i expect you to die" was James Bond said by some villain 4)"wait! Im Polish!" "Why the f*g coat?" was The Pianist said by Adrian Brody then a Russian soldier 4) "You're a moanig whinig man child" was Scrubs said by Dr Cox to JD. 5) "Come back soon" "What a horrible thing to say in a hostpital" was Ghost Town!

Posted in Random poll: i hate being Barefoot on 2009-07-20 00:13:44

Hey, its me (random poller!) and i have actually started to walk around barefoot now! It started off on last monday when i got in from school and i was really bored coz my mum n dad wernt home till 6:30 so i decided to go on Wii Fit for the 1st time ever. ( we got it months ago tho). I started to register my Mii on it when it said " now, could you please remove you shoes and socks..." so i did and it felt great! My mum came home and said to my dad "wow, Jacks walking around barefoot". So for the last week or so, i have been really addicted to Wii Fit ( love ski jump and jogging on it), so i havent bothered putting my socks back on! Its now the summer hols so i'll be doing it for 7 weeks hopefully. Thanks for your help guys!

Viva la Wii Fit!!!