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Posted in Dance Lessons In Barefeet on 2009-11-23 00:09:50

My girlfrieds dance lessons have the same rule - kit or nude. I went to watch her once, not knowing she had forgotten kit. Boy, was I in for a suprise. But suprisingly, forgetting kits wasnt as unheard of as i expected it to be. Many of the girls forget their kits on a regular basis. Boys wernt usually allowed to watch but the dance teacher let me because my girlfiend was the only person to do it nude.

Posted in Which PE sports did you do barefoot? on 2009-11-23 00:00:40

Well said!

Posted in barefeet tickle torture on 2009-11-22 01:15:59

Not long ago, Id say a couple of months ago, my girlfriends parents were away all weekend (friday morning to monday night) so she had her house all to herself. She was allowed to have a friend around so she asked me to come. I ended up staying the whole time. Well anyway, on the saturday night, she decided she wanted to be tickled and see how long she could last. At first, she just started with the sides and armpits and stuff. But then she said it wasnt 'fun' enough. So she told me to tie her to the table; wrists and ankles. I was like "OMG" in ma head, "this is fantastic". Once she was tied down I tickled her non stop for about an hour. We decided to take a break so i turned the tv on but left her tied down. After the break, i decided to make it a little more interesting. I blindfolded her. Then i took a sock off her. She didnt really like that because she didnt like being barefoot. I didnt care because i knew she couldnt do anything. She was begging for me to put it back on but i told her the more she begged, the closer i will get to taking off the next one. So, i ended up taking off the other one. I tickled her barefoot for ages, i put ice on them, put chocolate spread on them and licked it off and drew on her soles. She actually loved it! So we did that all night for hours and hours, experimenting with different things, like putting selotape on her soles and peeling it off.

Then she got daring and told me i could do that anywhere on her body but she didnt want to take off her underwear. But after a while, she allowed me to take off her bra. Man that was the best moment of my life! Later on, she wanted to lie down on jer belly, so i turned her over and ran my fingers down her bare back, and stuff like that. Then she allowed me to unclip her underwear so i could see her bum. Luckily for me, i have photographic memory!

After itcwas her turn, i untied her but sje only put back on her shorts, not bothering with her bra, top and socks. She tied me down and did the same thing, except i wanst as revealing.

Wow, ive wrote a lot, so if u read it all, sorry if i wasted 10 mins or so of your life :)

Posted in Bare Sole Wrinklin and Toe Wiggling At School on 2009-07-30 01:38:49

This year at the end of term, our headteacher orginized a kinda picnic-party for the school on the playing field. Everyone got into groups of about 10 people (preferby 5 boys and 5 girls) and we had our own picnic mat and basket for all 10 of us. As my group were finishing laying it all out, teachers came round collecting our shoes and socks, saying we must remain barefoot for hygenic reasons as we were sitting on mats where our food was. We all thought nothing of it but my best friend hates, and i mean HATES being barefoot. We explained to the teacher and asked if she could leave her socks on but NO, she had to take them off or leave the party and spend the rest of the day with the other refusers or naughty kids. Eventually, she took them off but my friend Joe and I felt really sorry for her. But i kinda liked it. Everyone else was barefoot so it felt amazing. The weather was fantastic; pure sun, no breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Until clouds started appearing. And eventually, poof! Rain like iv never seen before! Withing minutes, the whole field was like a swamp! The whole school (around 1000 kids and adults) were huddled under a row of trees. Unlucky for us, our shoes were in school- the opposite side of the field ( which is about 1 1/2 the size of a football ( soccer) pitch. Everyone had to leg it across the field barefoot. The water was up to our shins and mud was flying everywhere. To be honest, i loved it! Once we got to the school, we couldnt find my best friend. She was still at the top of the field! While the teachers we getting towels, i ran back up the field (still barefoot) and carried her all the way back to the school. It took ages and we got soaked but it was hilarious. My friend is dreading next years picnic and her parents wont give her the day off! We'll figure something out Amber!

Posted in Boys Tied And/Or Gagged By Girlfriend on 2009-07-04 01:07:01

The other night my girlfriend was staying over because her parents and my parents were away so she tied me to my table, on my stomach (the table was freezing cold!). Once she had me tied down she took off her sock and stuffed it in my mouth. She started to put really cold things on my bare back but then she started tickling me and i am very ticklish! But she had to go one bit further and tickle my barefeet, which is my most ticklish part! But dont worry, i got my revenge! While she was sleeping, i tied her down to the bed and tickled the hell out of her. Shes so ticklish, that when i started to tickle her feet, she pee'd herself. Not funny but she deserved it, right? She tried tieing me down again yesterday but she failed, so HA!