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Posted in Footwear for boys at school on 2009-11-15 03:17:25

At my school we all had to wear slippers. Most people chose mules or slip INS but we could wear any kind. Since I have big feet (size 15) the only ones that fit we these huge grey, fluffy wolf paw slippers. I lived across from the school and would wear them there. Sometimes people would steal them during lessons and I would have to go barefoot. A few times they were removed and I got tickled. It was all good fun;)

Posted in Tickling on a slumber-party on 2009-11-15 02:56:43

Last time I was at a slumber party we had this huge pillow fight. At the end we were all tired and my slippers had gotten lost somewhere, and someone suggested I be tickled. I bluffed that I was not ticklish. They all leapt on me and tied by spread eagle to the bec with ties from thier dressing gowns. About 4 people tickled my poor feet while the rest took my body and armpits. They did this for about 2 hours, then released me, though I was so tired! I woke up the next morning to fund my feet in two girls arms being tickled like mad, i tried to fight back and started a tickle fight that u lost.

Posted in all about tickling (boys) on 2009-07-28 21:09:46

i have this friend who knows how much i love to be tickled. so i tried to tickle is socked feet, and got no reaction. so he grabbed my ankle and tickled right under my toes, my worst spot. and he would not stop! it was great! though sadly my feet are less ticklish when socked.

this is very strange. only yesterday, i was so board that i measured my feet. not sure why(?) and now i find this little poll. funny.

Posted in Kids kicking off their shoes in class on 2009-07-25 23:16:00

i just left secondary school, and in drama we had to take shoes off to protect the floor. which means for an hour a day, we had to be shoeless. i love to show off my white socks though, and i love it when people play with them:) sometimes i will just take off my schools and put my feet on the desk, nobody cares. and sometimes, the girls wear ballet style shoes, without socks, so they have to go barefoot. occasionly shoes get hidden, and the victim has their socks stolen as well, but not often. plus, most footballers play the game in their socks, to run faster...