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Posted in Thoughts on being barefoot on 2009-12-22 04:39:40

I've always hated being barefoot but recently, I've started to ditch the socks. The other day, me and a group of friends were out in the snow and we got soaking. When we got back to my house we were too wet to come in. I was wearing two pairs of socks. I took off the first pair, hoping the others would be dry, but they wernt. I had no other choice but to take them off and go barefoot. My friends didn't seem to mind, they took theirs off straight away. After I changed into some dry clothes, I decided not to put socks back on. My friends were fine with just hanging around with no socks on. I stayed barefoot for the rest of the day. Plus, the next day, we went back out in the snow, but this time I didn't wear socks at all. Instead I put on an extra pair of pants that also act like socks. When I got back home, we did the say thing. I've got to admit, it feels great being barefoot.

Posted in My feet are shy! on 2009-12-22 04:27:01

Well, now I've tried not putting socks on after a shower or getting out of bed. If it ever snows where you are, get really wet and then you really wouldn't want to stay in socks. Although I'm not old enough to drive yet, I still think that driving barefoot should be good because you are/maybe alone in the comfort of your own car. Ever played Wii Fit? That should be played barefoot for safety and accuracy reasons. I've started playing it with no socks on and it feels great! Good luck! Amber

Posted in My feet are shy! on 2009-12-21 13:36:24

Hey again. Well I had the sleepover:) I went most of Saturday barefoot! But I can thank the weather for that because it was snowing heavily. So we went out and had snowball fights. Afterwards, we were soaking so when we got back to my house, our socks were soaking so we left them at the door. I actually enjoyed being barefoot. It felt great without socks, especially with normal clothes on, not pyjamas. So, yeh, I spent most of Saturday with no socks on and half of sunday. I didn't realise how great it actually feels. I am definalty gonna ditch the socks more often!!!

Amber x

Posted in My feet are shy! on 2009-12-16 00:27:20

Hi! Its good to know I'm not the only one!

I only wear flip-flops on the beach, but still feel uncomfortable if they fall off. After a shower/bath, I put socks on, no matter what. Although I sleep barefoot, I will not get out of bed until I have socks on. As I'm a girl, many people expect me be like being barefoot but I dont. One time, me and a friend decided to walk home from school in the pouring rain even though we could have phoned for her mum to pick us up in the car. When we got to her house, we were so wet that we had to leave our socks on the radiator. Being barefoot at home is one thing, but being barefoot at someone elses is another. I felt really uncomfortable, but too shy to ask to borrow a pair. I really want to start being barefoot more often, but I still feel uncomfortable whilst so. I have been to a nude beach on holiday with a group of friends but that day I just decided 'What the hell! Lets lose those flip-flops!'. (the bra soon lost itself too)

Im having a big Xmas sleepover with 3 of my closest friends at my house, but my parents are away for the weekend so do you think I should ditch the socks and try to feel relaxed and comfortable?

Reply soon (before Dec 20)

Posted in Lost a bet to boyfriend-list of demands on 2009-12-16 00:09:12

Thanks for your concern, but we have been in a serious relationship for a while now, and we respect each other. I wouldnt do anything that I was too uncomfortable with, and it is only for a laugh. To be honest, I would NOT do alot of the things on this poll anyway, it was just for fun, but he has chosen what he wants to happen, and I have agreed too. As the results show, the majority votes say I should be topless. I'm not going to be topless at all. We have agreed nothing revealing or sexual, we are just doing it for a laugh :)