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Posted in Girls Weightliffting !!!!GIRLS ONLY!!!! on 2009-05-13 03:08:25

Ok Brainiac I know this thread wasn't about computers, it was just a response to that other post she had in the topics that had a link towards a gaming computer on it. I was just too lazy to go bother to post in two areas so I just put the post on the first one I ended up on. Plain and simple. And next who told you to bother reading my post, you could have stopped the moment you saw it was someone else could you not? So why then would you bother, anyways, I was just posting that information if it was still relevant to her to try to help her out if she was looking for a computer, so no need for pointless hostility over something that is obviously doing no damage to anyone, also when the hostility will do no real good towards anything, since all it did was have me make another post. Now if you left it off, I wouldn't be bothered to have to post this reply to clarify what that post was about now would I? Regardless, I do concede the fact that it was off topic and if it annoyed so many people so much, then my apologies for it. Just thought I'd try to help her if she was looking for info for a computer of that sort was all.

Posted in Girls Weightliffting !!!!GIRLS ONLY!!!! on 2009-05-13 00:13:24

Haha based on the other messages up here I'm going to go ahead and say you were for real when you typed that. Also if you're still wondering of the computer thing you wrote of on that other poll you linked.

Well I say that if you're working on a budget you're best off sticking with a regular computer that comes pre-made, just make sure you pull at least 3GB RAM (4 if you're running vista or the 64 bit version of xp). Also go with the Intel core 2 duo processors, AMD tend to overheat faster so go with the core 2 duo of Intel (preferably with a higher processing speed) and get a better video card than the one that comes with the pc normally (if you're running something that is more hardcore, if it's like Starcraft or WoW or Dota you're fine with a regular one) as well as a wireless n card for your wireless connection if you use wireless internet. And don't worry you won't need to hardcore of a video card unless you're planning on running hardcore games. Oh yeah and don't go get more on the hard drive for memory, you can always get an external hard drive later on, the regular amount you get is normally more than enough for a bit till you replace it (if not you can get an external one later), rather I say put more money into the RAM or processor or just save the cash. I would say don't go with Mac's just cause:

1 - it's easier to find games on windows based platforms


2 - even though you can bootcamp the Mac, the amount of money it is for most Mac's you can get so much better hardware than the Mac if you're willing to spend like that (don't just use pre-built models but you can specify more with that kind of cash). Trust me if you know what you're looking for and what each thing is capable of and how to build it, you can get more for the same amount of money without the Mac and if you want to save money you can get the same for a little less money (buy a game or two with the spare cash lol).

Posted in 2009 Heisman winner on 2009-05-12 14:19:40

I still like Tebow, he's only going to improve (barring injury) and he has a lot of the pieces returning. They also have that high speed team (and bigger for his heisman standings a high speed offense) and they had a pretty good recruiting class so all combined he takes the Heisman again and I think they're going to win it all (barring big injuries) due to that. Best thing? I'm not a fan of theirs, just giving an unbiased opinion lol.

Posted in Girls Weightliffting !!!!GIRLS ONLY!!!! on 2009-05-12 14:13:33

welcome back, so you for real about that? again if so kudos

Posted in Did you like bush as President? on 2009-05-12 13:56:05

---“It doesn't matter what "you and other leftists" consider torture you realize you are defending terrorists that would slit your 3 year old daughters throat don't you? Did You know that all our special forces are waterbaorded as part of their training? The point of these are that they are SUPPOSE to take a psychological and physical toll. We are extracting information that has saved lives. So you would rather put your insane political correctness over the lives of innocent people and you say I'm crazy? No, its you that is insane!”---

Ok first off I’m not a leftist, I’m independent and don’t see any reason to affiliate myself with petty party politics over humanitarian and other issues. Given we do train our forces to handle it, does that mean if somebody does that to our forces that it’s not torture, no. Now you say political correctness, well think about it do you really want America to tolerate torture let alone validate the use of it? That breaks down the values we have defended for so long, what use is defending a nation if you are destroying the values that the nation has so long and hard fought for? And the information there’s no guarantee that it is 100% correct, this is regarding both the information on various events as well as people. Now lets take the assumption that everyone in there must be guilty no matter what. Let’s also remember that since there’s no guarantee that this information is 100% accurate and remembering the fact that all people make mistakes since nobody is flawless. Take the instance where somebody gives you wrongful information about a person, somebody acts on this information and imprisons this person, you cannot ever give back the lost time nor make up for any damage done to this person when it is found out he/she is innocent later on. So now if this situation is a possibility then there can be at least one person in a situation such as this that is innocent disproving the idea that all are guilty by negation. I say you try them all in court, those you can prove guilty in a court of law you punish, those you cannot prove guilty you let go. We do believe in innocent until proven guilty in America after all. I don’t agree with indefinite detention, you should try people and prove their guilt then punish them, not just hold them indefinitely because if they are found innocent later you cannot make up for all that lost time and any damage caused.

---“the Geneva Convention does not apply to terrorists. in order for the Geneva Convention to apply the enemy must have the following: 1.actions being taken must be in proper order by a superior that is in compliance with a governing territory, even if that territory is currently occupied 2.Firearms and weaponry must at all times NOT be concealed 3.Enemy must be wearing representative uniform or insignia THAT CAN BE RECOGNIZED FROM A DISTANCE. 4.Enemies must be in compliance during combat with established rules of war that do not constitute war crimes. These must be adhered to in order for the Geneva Convention to apply. Terrorists do not adhere to these rules of engagement, thus from a legal stand point the Geneva Convention does not apply to them”---

As I said before, even if you eliminate the Geneva Conventions, since when is breaking off the values of the very nation you wish to help, serve, and protect a good idea, after all what makes not only us but any nation special is the values to which it believes in and destroying those doesn't do much to help it in the sense that you are destroying the very entity that you want to help protect. I did not use the Geneva Conventions nor state they apply in this now have I?

---“Hey Genius, only 3 people were waterboarded and the information extracted stopped 3 different terrorist attacks, 1 on the Brooklyn bridge, 2 at JFK Airport, and 3 a 9-11 type attack in LA. I'm sure you will also be happy when gitmo terrorists are set free in a community near you, you idiot.”---

I don’t consider torture as only a certain number of people were tortured, it is morally wrong. Also I did not say that you cannot extract information from torture, just that you cannot guarantee it is 100% accurate as well as with some effort you can extract information without torture. Also I did not say free them flat out, I have said you close it down, try those held there in a court of law and prove their guilt, when you do that you punish those you prove guilty and let the ones you cannot prove guilty go since there is not enough evidence that they have/plan on doing a wrongful act.

---“This statement proves to any professional that you don't know the first thing about interrogation, part of it involves you breaking them down and asking them questions that you already know the answer to until they start telling the truth before you ask the questions you want answered you big dummy.”---

Ask yourself this, is it not possible for professionals to make mistakes? Can these mistakes off false information then not lead to wrongful imprisonment or damage caused to innocent people? And I do understand interrogation tactics however I do not feel that any professional, or any human for that matter can be flawless, nor do I condone torture since you are more likely to receive wrong information believing it to be accurate than with regular interrogation. Also don’t forget if somebody was torturing us our blood would be boiling with rage.

---“3 months ago not only was he wiretapping civilians but sitting congressmen”---

If this is indeed accurate I do not condone this in the least, I did not condone it with Bush nor do I condone it with Obama.

---“Hey Genius, did you know that one of my units found Saddam's Uranium Cake powers in Syria”---

Again, I do not simply believe that which I hear, I need to see some real evidence of something before I buy into it and this has not shown up anywhere stating that this was the case in any form. Also Saddam didn’t exactly have a good relationship with Syria who has a better relationship with Iran it seems. Now Iran and Iraq were huge enemies with deep distrust and hatred of each other. And don’t forget that after Saddam’s invasion causing that war back in the day, none of his neighbors trusted him. So now why would he put his weapons in another nation and why would that nation house them when neither trust nor like each other. That would be like us telling the Soviet Union that we wanted to keep our weapons there, really why would either side be willing to permit that? So again until I see definitive evidence of things I don’t just go willy nilly believing in things.

---“It's not but we forensically tracked it back to his laboratories, genius, thats how we knew it was his”---

Again I ask you since they did not have a good relationship and Syria has a better relationship with Iran who Saddam hated, why would he house weapons there when he mistrusts Syria and they mistrust him? Would you really let someone you don’t trust hold your gun, likewise would someone that doesn’t trust you let you hold their gun?

---“Of course not, the only info you get is what you hear on the news and online, I get my info from the government itself”---

Again as I have said I do not believe anything until I get definitive evidence proving the matter.

---“No it is a scam, My wife is a climatologist, she works with meteorologists and climatologists from around the world, and every time global warming is brought up by a civilian they roll their eyes, everyone that my wife works with and talks to all over the world says it's fake. Even the Weather Channel and NASA say its fake.”---

I just figured it was over-hyped to be honest with you since scientists are always splitting off with one of a few theories until one is finally proved and I’ll wait until one is definitively proved because I see both arguments as having some valid points. I remember having a professor though who laughed every time anybody mentioned global warming and tell us that global warming is wrong and we are due for global cooling and an ice age. I also remember having one who would defend global warming, always wanted to get those two in a room together to debate it and prove their points while disproving the other person’s.

---“Oh it will be made public, here soon. That I can promise”---

Again, if it’s proven then I still say nobody is above the law.