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Posted in Are You Interested in Enemas? on 2009-04-26 06:51:56

My mom too gave me so many enemas I can't remember how many. Black enema bulb with black screw on tip. Over her lap until around 11 completely naked since I had to take a bath after. Then lay on a towel over the down toilet lid. Started to get arounsed sexually around 12. Now I look forward to them-- I even feign illness so I can get them. Mom doesn't have a clue. It's so easy to fool her.

When we visit my grandma and aunt, I can't get one. Aunt uses a enema bag and I am small enough so I lay naked over aunties lap while mom gives me the nema. Complete turnon laying on aunties lap.

Posted in Are You Interested in Enemas? on 2009-04-26 06:42:15

Hello, my name is Mike. I just turned 14 last month. My mom believes in frequent enemas which she has done many times om me and my brother & sisters. I began to enjoy them around 12.

I would like to chat by e-mail other teens about them either male or female. Please contact me at mbarrier45@yahoo.com. Teens or younger only please.

Posted in Temperature taken rectally (through the butt) on 2009-04-26 06:31:04

Mom always took my RT when I had a cold. She claimed I couldn't keep the oral on in my mouth. When I was young I had to lay over her lap. I was 11 when I started to lay on her bed. PJ bottom off.

mom always took my RT before she gave me an enema. I had to lay facedown over a stool. She put in the RT and then prepared the enema bulb while my RT was taken. That was embarrassing especially after I turned 12.