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Posted in Petticoat punishment on 2009-11-01 01:24:35

The punishment I wrote about was not conducted in a window; the young man in question was dressed in full schoolgirl uniform and wrote his lines wile lying on my living room floor. It was witnessed by the visitors I had round over the weekend. He was sent up to have his bath at 6.00 pm and was put into his babydoll nightdress. At 7.00pm it was bedtime and he was made to say goodnight to my guests and was taken up to his bedroom. Before I put him to bed I insist on a bare bottom spanking, I take him across my knee and administer thirty good strokes with a large wooden hairbrush. This was not done in front of my guests but they certainly herd his cries and the unmistakable sound of the brush on his tender skin. His humiliation was made all the worse for the fact that the subject of his spanking was discussed by myself and two of my girlfriends the following afternoon. As he lay on the floor he was squirming as they spoke of his impending appointment with the hairbrush. That night after his spanking, just as I pulled up his panties I noticed my guests in the bedroom doorway, the poor sissy had just been given his first public spanking. He was then tucked into bed by the three of us. on my way out he was informed that tomorrow nights punishment would be given in the living room. Needless to say, on the Monday night I had six female guest’s eagerly awaiting sissy’s second public spanking.

Posted in Petticoat punishment on 2009-10-21 20:47:58

Thank you for your post consenting affects of writing lines. I often make the petticoated charges in my home write an essay on some aspect of their petticoating. But sometimes its lines, it helps drill the point home. Ill post a poll to see what the feeling is. Thanks.

Posted in Petticoat punishment on 2009-05-05 22:11:20

RE-Petticoating older boys

Thank you for the post, perhaps you would like to elaborate on your experiences with petticoating. My new boyfriend has had a few late nights on the town coming back after midnight. He is still quite young and I think his first dose of petticoating will help him with female respect.

He will Soon be spending a full month petticoated in my home, I am designing a new regime for him, some of his sexy new Clothing is already on order and the back bedroom is to be re decorated. I will soon post a poll to ask for help with the fine details

Please feel free to post some ideas

Bye For Now

Posted in Feminine uniform for male shop assistant - part 2 on 2009-04-19 20:10:31

I think its fine for this boy to wear the same as the girls, but I also think he should have the chance to see this poll and its massage board. Maybe he can make his own poll, and have his say.