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Posted in Boy's Penis on 2009-04-20 21:29:02

Hello Nikki. I am curious as to what you mean if you wash it right. HaHa. Do you have a certan way you wash it? When I jerk it takes me quite a while to shoot but if a girl touches me I do it fast. My best friend jerks his maybe three or four times and he shoots. Then he goes soft. I stay bined after I do that. Is that normal?


Posted in Boy's Penis on 2009-04-19 19:28:12

Hello Ladedela. What's with the name?

You ask what shoud you do about her touching you. I wouild say be thankfull. Any time a girl plays with you I would say you were lucky. Did you shoot because she touched the head or what?


Posted in Boy's Penis on 2009-04-19 19:25:02

Hi Nikki. I agree that it wasn't nice. HaHa. It felt good to shoot off as you say. I probaly wouldn't a done it if she had not washed it the way she done. She put soap in her hand and then just started rubbing it all over. I was already boned and that just made it worse. The head got real sensative and it wasn't long and it was all over. I think she was surprised at what she did and just thought she could get away with it by blaming me. All the time I was standing waiting for the tub to refill old happy was still pointing strait up and it would not go down until I was watching tv after a while.

I wondered if you compared guys. One sitter that I had a couple of times told me that I had the biggest knob she had ever seen. She said all the guys she had seen were either the same or just a little bigger around than the rest of the peni$. If that is so then I must be a freek.


Posted in Boy's Penis on 2009-04-16 21:26:02

Hi Nikki. I never had any girl complain because I bone. The one sitter did complain about me squirting in the tub though. It was her fault. She got me that way to begin with.

I did not have to get that close to examine it. I got good eyesite and it is pretty easy to see it. I just never paid that much attension to it until we started talking about the white line.

I never minded being sitted except that it is an age thing that I am too old to need a sitter. I liked the feelings and stuff when getting washed and that is probaly the best reason to not mind having a babysitter. I just wished there was another name for them instead of baby sitters. I ain't no baby.

When you wash two guys at a time do you compare them and what diferences do you see.


Posted in Boy's Penis on 2009-04-16 00:17:39

.Bryce. I think he was talking about the girl who posted on the first page I think. The author of this poll shut her up though. HAHA.