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Posted in self punishment on 2002-05-20 00:58:02

========== In Reply To ========== I spank myself when I'm bad, but it never hurts that much. I'm 15 and I wish that my parents would do it, but they never punish me for anything. I can get away with murder and I HATE it. I would rather be spanked than have to deal with the guilt. I couldn't ask a friend to do it cause I would be way to embarassed, but how could I make it hurt so that I'm actully paying for what I did? Still say ask a friend. Bet you got a 15 yr old buddy who's gotten a butt whipping & would gladly address your $%!@ with a belt or paddle. A straight belt or strap is probably what your 15 yr old bare butt needs. If pain is what your guilt needs then that will do it.

Posted in self punishment on 2002-05-18 13:24:25

========== In Reply To ========== Why not ask a friend to tan your butt. All it takes is your shorts down & a few well placed licks with paddle or belt.

Posted in Boys Underwear Poll (10-17) on 2002-05-14 01:11:09

Do any one have friends that come over to their house and all of you just take off your cloths and hang in your underwear like me and my friend? We are 13.

Posted in Boys Underwear Poll (10-17) on 2002-05-14 01:08:38

I love briefs. I were them since I was really young. I still wear them now and I am 13. I have two best friend and they wear brief too. I ask them why the don't like boxer and they told me the their balls hang lose and they don't like it and I agree with them. When the come over. My two friends and me just take off our cloths and hang in our briefs. BRIEFS ARE GREAT!!! BOXER SUCK!!!

Posted in Nudity Family/Public etc. on 2002-04-28 13:34:28

========== In Reply To ========== I'm running a risk of becoming a bit of an abettor of nudity on this post, but then I'm a nudist myself so why not? I feel completely relaxed being naked with my son, and I think family nudity can be refreshing and fun. It's hard to have a horrible argument when you're naked. I suggest gradually just going naked yourself with your wife. I don't mean a slow striptease! just being naked more and more often. I quite understand wanting your daughter to be naked. I felt absolutely the centre of attention and attraction when nude at that age, but then I was quite precocious when it came to nudity and sex for that matter. Your daughter may not be like that. Give her some time, but if she runs out of the house screaming at the sight of her naked parents it would be best to leave nudism until she leaves home or goes to college.


Thanks Margot

We still haven't done anything yet but the more we talk about it my wife gets more positive. Emma certainly isn't shy, she often walks about in just her bra and knickers and we cuddle a lot. She and I often cuddle after she has had a bath when she just has a towel around her. I would dearly love her to sit about the house naked and hopefully if she likes my wife and I also. I would like it if she and I got even closer when we are nude and if I could cuddle her nude.

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Love Kevin