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Posted in Female Celebrities Powerfull Muscular Calves!!! on 2005-02-28 22:04:02

Hallo MGB! Of course Britney has very strong legs, i'm agree with you, anyway we are talking about "muscular calves" and in the match there are other girls that maybe have more muscles and power in their calves than britney! for exemple Madonna... or Steffi Graf, or Sandra Bullok! And of course they have really powerful calves!!! :)

Posted in Girls strong legs and leg wrestling on 2005-01-15 11:56:36

at that time we both was about 17 years old!! Is there anybody with similar experiences?? I'd like to know!! (guys and girls!!)

Posted in Girls strong legs and leg wrestling on 2005-01-08 21:59:19

Some years ago... i was with a my friend (a girl), she was slim and not very muscular (but she was anyway in good shape for swimming)... Well, one day, we was haveing a friendly wrestling match just for fun, and dureing this match she was on the ground and i was with my body over her one... so, she putted her feet under my stomac, and she lifted me up with her legs, takeing me up in the air for a nice long time! (like the "airplane" game) I was very surprised from that!!! So, i asked her to have a sort of "leg wrestling" match, for to see who had the stronger legs... So, we standed one in front of the other... i putted my feet against her ones, doing a 90° angle with our knees (as the "bycicle" position) and we pushed (pressing against the other feet) with all our legs-strength... The winner was who can extend the own legs, pressing the opponent's ones... Well... She won!!!! We did it some other times, and always she won!! I was surprised from that, but i liked it too!!! So, from that experience, i love very much girls with strong legs!! :))

Posted in do girls like to squeeze guys with their legs? on 2004-12-05 23:00:51

Hallo! I really love and admire girl with powerful legs!! I'd like very much to test your legs strength on myself, but unfortunately we are far because i'm in Italy! :) Anyway i'd like very much to talk with you about your legs strength by email!! Please, write me at si_bemolle@email.it I hope you'll write me soon!!

Posted in Tell Me About Muscular Calves on 2004-12-05 22:45:34

Hallo! I'm a boy from Italy, and i really love girls with muscular hard calves, and i love girls with great legs strength! Reading what you wrote, you look like to have these qualities! I'd like to talk with you by email about it and many other things! Please, write me at si_bemolle@email.it i really think that a very nice "Virtual Friendship" could born between us!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Bye... M.