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My mom had a double standard for me (boy)than my two sisters. The most I'm ever allowed on at home is one item of clothing, usually gym shorts. but if she's doing laundry she strips me naked, just walks up and yanks off my shorts or whatever I'm wearing and I have to stay nude. When its warm I get almost nothing to wear anywhere, which actually I don't mind, but its like unfair cause my sisters can wear whatever they want.

So like, I'm at home, doing homework or whatever, anyone who comes over, I'm never allowed to put on anything else. as a little kid I totally didn't even notice it was weird, but not that I'm older, I know its unusual.

My mom says boys get dirty and we just use up laundry. so even for school, I wear shorts and a tshirt and shoes obviously but I don't get socks and only underwear if I'm doing a sport that makes u wear a sports brief or jock.

Anyone else get treated this way?

Posted in Guys - Spring/Summer Clothes 2011 on 2011-01-26 22:37:38

So mowing the lawn, i never wear a shirt. Half the time in the summer, i dont even put a shirt on unless my nmom makes me or we go to the mall or something.

At the Gym we go to, you have to wear a shirt to work out, but i just wear a tank top. I normally just wear gym shorts, or seomthing like that. Half the time i dont even wear underwear. Whats the point? its summer

Posted in Kids Wrestling on 2010-09-16 18:19:02

my brother and our friends and i wrestle all the time at home. Uusually, we are jsut wearing shorts and nuthing else. sometimes an old singlet from school, but not usually we are almsot always barefoot anyway

Posted in Guys only - Coach tells you to go shirtless. on 2010-07-09 19:44:24

Our coach makes us run shirtless, dont know why. I dont normally care unless its really cold. I dont even bring a shirt out to the field when its spring and we are doing track now.

Posted in School or College Plays - revealing performances on 2010-05-04 19:02:54

As a kid i had a part in teh Opera Aidafor the big Egyptian pageant scene. I was a gymnyst as a kid and took teh part becuase i thought it would be fun adn I would get paid.

Well, wehn costuming time caem, and they handed me the loin cloth to wear - what was basically a gstring - and i panicked. I did not want to be on stage so briefly dressed. I remember crying backstage the night of dress rehersal, but my mom said I had made a committment and that i had to go through with it.

As it turns out, it was no big deal. They airbrushed me brown, fitted me with a fake ponytail and some cool egyptian arm and leg bands and a brass colar that went around my neck. I thought I looked cool in the full costume. I went on stage and did my tumbiling act for the full run of the production. My friends came to see me, my family and I was never embarassed after that first time.

I realized that once i'd been that naked on stage and nothing bad happened that being undressed was basically no big deal. Helped me form a much better self image.