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Posted in getting soaped on 2002-05-28 08:34:34

My bf bought me some very nice tight leather pants. My parents however did not want me to wear it because they think that wearing tight leather is not appropriate for me.

My mother caught me wearing it when I wanted to show it off for my bf. She made me bent over a chair and she went and came back with a soap-bar and put it into my mouth. While she spanked me she told me how $%!@ty I looked. After 5 minutes or so I could loose the soap-bar but the most humiliating thing was that my mother got some scissors and cut off my brandnew leather pants. Guess what I will be buying when I leave home...... Kim

Posted in What do u look 4 in a boy??!! on 2002-05-04 18:28:29

Surely, there is more to boys than this?

Posted in How old is nudity acceptable? on 2002-04-20 04:35:57

Not all families in the World live in large houses with separate bedrooms for each child. Not all houses have indoor bathrooms. Indeed, such accommodation is rather recent for the masses.

Many cultures found and still find nothing inherently objectionable or shameful about nudity within the family setting. It just wasn't and isn't practical for many in the World to hold such views.

Posted in School swimwear on 2002-04-04 06:36:31

In my view, there is nothing inherently indecent or unpleasant about the naked human body. I further assert that there isn't anything implicitly sexual about nudity, at least for those relaxed about the human body and who are used to seeing it naked.

The internet and MisterPolls are Worldwide. Things, attitudes and practices vary in different parts of the World. Things have changed overtime. What happens in your family, school and city may not happen elsewhere, and they may not have happened in earlier times.

Undoubtedly, in some places, especially in earlier times, nude swimming was common place. This practice was considered "normal" and acceptable by most people in the community where it occurred and at the time it occurred. And it was normal and wholesome and natural and harmless, by the standards of the time.

Those of limited experience, with narrow attitutes and uptight attitudes to their own bodies should not attribute bad motives to people involved in things they (the limited) don't understand.

Diversity makes the World interesting. Those who differ from us aren't necessarily bad or mad.

Posted in Boys Showering at School (Teen Guys Only) on 2002-04-02 18:00:33

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at the school i go to showers after pe is a must.coach says he will bust anyone who does not shower.i get nervios showering in front of others.i got busted one time in october.

It is natural to feel a bit nervous showering in front others - at least the first few times. But it should get easier the more you do it and you find nothing terrible happens. Most guys eventualy find it really isn't a big deal. Everybody is in the same boat - they have to shower in front of you.

What is "busted"? = Caught and told off?

How old are you "hotrod"? Early teens are probably the most embarrassing time.