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Hi Mike :) That "swimsuit" reminded me I actually own panties with a built in dildo! I never wear panties so I forgot about it. Im wearing them right now :) I think its hard to make my daus wear any kind of panties but the 7yo do like butt plugs! A jewelry one would look cute! Maybe its time for the 4yo to try one too. The 7yo was on a halloween orgy last night. Her costume was a witch hat, very high heels and a butt plug with a cats tail. Nothing more! When she got home very drunk we shared a joint, and I told her she can have her nips pierced if she smoke 2 packs more per day. She said deal, when can I have it? Today when she was more sober I asked again, she really want her nips pierced and promised to work hard to smoke more! Implants would look sexy! But who the $%!@ would do that to a 7yo?? Any place in the world where they would do it?

Hey. I $%!@ing hate the censoring on this site! Have to guess the words, haha. But it works with some numbers in the words! Yeah, my daus are such good addicts! I guess smoking is my thing, it makes me h0rny seeing my $%!@ty daus smoking so good. Want them to smoke even more, more than I do! My 7yo smoke weed a couple times a day, sometimes more. No harder drugs yet but she can do what she want. She love to get high so I guess she will try other things soon! She love piercings too. Took some time to find someone who could do it, but now she have her ears full, tounge, navel and p0ssy. She want her nips pierced too, but I said she need to have some boobs to show of first. Maybe Im wrong? Maybe I should let her have them pierced, if she smoke harder, hehe. My younger one have her ears and navel pierced so far. Ive heard u can give hormones to girls to make them hit puberty earlier. Anyone who knows if it works? My 4yo is not really sucking c0ck yet, but she have tried. She like to watch me and her big sis getting f0cked and sometimes give the men a $%!@ or give their c0cks smokey kisses. Its so $%!@ing cute to see her tiny hands around a fat c0ck!

Hi. Yes, shes the biggest sl0t! In her age anyway. I love to see how h0rny she is, how much she love to f0ck and suck c0ck! She mostly f0ck boys 14-19 but also some older men who give her money, cigarettes and booze. She prefer to be nude! But out in public she loves to wear revealing clothes. Dont think she own a skirt that covers all of her tiny but. Never wear panties, (like me, hehe), and loves to flash. She doesnt go to school, shes home schooled. The teacher is a smoker and let my dau chain smoke all day and also drink some. When she turns 10 she will need to go to school. I know 4ppd is extreme for a 4yo, but she do it! Me and my older dau have worked hard on increasing her addiction. She actually lit up as often as we do, the only difference is me and my 7yo love to smoke 2 at once. Not all the time of course, but quite often. I dont have to encourage my 7yo any more, she wants to smoke as hard as she can and push herself to the limit of what she can handle. /Amanda

Hi all! Im Amanda, a 20yo "$%!@ mom" of two girls, 4 and 7yo. I smoke 6-7 ppd, and my daus are chain smokers too. The younger one smoke 4 ppd and the elder 6-7 ppd like me. My 7yo is sexually active and loves to get drunk every day, like totally wasted. Im so proud of my girls! I want them to smoke much more! Im I a bad mom?