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Posted in Spanked staying away from home on 2008-11-29 22:07:26

when I was in the 8th grade I spent the night at a friends house and was bare butt over the knee spanked by his mother. Father had died several years earlier. We were caught experimenting in his bed and he conviced me to let him put his $%!@ in my mouth which was when we got caught so it was all my fault. I had a choice tell my parents or spanking. We both got and corner time facing each other with or $%!@ touching. The most humiliating part was getting aroused from it. I recieved an additional spanking before I left the next day, she said it was a reminder.

Posted in Your first gay sex on 2008-11-29 00:58:13

Friend of parents was staying the night to babysit my brother and I for the weekend. My brother ended up staying with a friend so I was left. That night with my parents in the other room the man layed next to me and fondled my $%!@. i turned away only to find his $%!@ i my face. He kept rubbing it on my lips until I opened my mouth and took it in. He came in my mouth and sucked me off. I was 11, this was my first sex and bi-sex. The next day he told me to be sure I wouldn't tell anyone I had to perform oral on him after which he put me in the shower with him and urinated on me. Several more encouters over the weekend. I never told anyone.