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Posted in Male Chastity on 2009-08-08 16:00:56

Our private lives in no way have any effect in our professional lives. These are two seperate and different lives for the both of us. My wife and I both seem to fit in as do most others in our jobs. We do not call attention to ourselves or our lifestyles. However our private social life is a different story. My wife chooses our friends, the people I knew before I met her have become mere acquaintances except for one. Her close friends are my close friends and this is how it should be. All of our friends know that I have been castrated, as my wife does seem to enjoy gloating a bit over the fact that she has had me castrated, and that She is in possession of my manhood, so to speak. Some have had a good look at my empty scrotum and shriveled peni$. She encourages them to go ahead and touch, to see if it gets hard. She has had me ma$turbate in front of a select few close female friends so they could see that there is very little or no ejaculate when orgasm is reached, and just how quickly these severly weakened and unfulfiling orgasms can be achieved once an erection is attained. It is the same as premature ejaculation but it does not matter, it is not a problem now. They snicker and giggle and although they don't say it I know they would love to have their own eunuch too. Well, except maybe our friends that are in lesbian relationships. But they seem most comfortable around me and like to jokingly tease me a little. We both tell them just how diminished my sex drive is and this just makes them want to tease me more. There is one thing they all seem to agree upon though, and that is there is nothing a man can do that can not be done better with a good vibrator. They all seem to think that most men need to be castrated as hardly any of them seem to know how to really please a woman. That they are only concerned with their own satisfacation and do not know how to properly use their peni$ to give a woman an orgasm. That in reality it would be doing them a favor to relieve them of their sexuality and that they would be much happier and a lot less aggressive once they were castrated. I am so comfortable with myself now that I actually do agree with them and laugh along with their giggling. My wife does not have to worry about me being around other women, she knows that my sexual desires are gone. She knows that I belong to her, and that I am incapable of having sexual intercourse with anyone. It takes so much stimulation for me to get an erection now, and it is not possible for me to maintain that erection for normal sexual relations. The orgasms if attained are so weak it really just seems to not be worth the effort for me. I do not miss my sexuality, I do not even think about wanting to have sex. I am in a calm state of mind now that my testosterone levels have been reduced to castrate levels. Our doctor had prescribed hormones for me but I have since stopped taking them as I could feel some urges and thoughts along with spontaneous erections coming back. I do enjoy helping my wife attain her orgasms as she so enjoys them. She has instructed me on how to properly massage and bring her to orgasm. It gives me satisfaction to see the enjoyment she gets and to know this pleasure is reserved for her alone. That in our relationship she is the only one to recieve this kind of gratification. I will do anything for her and having my testicles removed has allowed me to experience what love really is. I am her eunuch and I know my place in our relationship, it is to serve her.

Posted in Male Chastity on 2009-06-15 00:56:01

I really do not know of any other effective way of reducing the male sex drive. Believe me I have done a lot of research on this subject. You should give serious consideration to having your male castrated. Castration is not as bad as most people think. A castrated man can actually get an erection, have sex, and orgasm although he won't have any sperm in his ejaculate which will be minimal in volume. Nocturnal as well as spontaneous erections will simply not occur. The amount of blood retained in his peni$ will become minimal and it will appear very much smaller. Erections will be possible; however attaining one will become a job in itself. With his orgasms so greatly diminished in intensity he won't care if he has one himself or not. Sexual activity will be entirely for your benefit, it will be only for your pleasure. He will want to please, and you will become the focus of all his attention. Without the testosterone your male won't notice that he has no sex drive. Believe me he won't even even miss it. With his sex drive eliminated your male will become a much more caring, emotionally feeling person. He will start thinking like you do instead of like a man. He will become calmer and more understanding. Cuddling will be his desire without his orgasm being the ultimate goal. he will want you emotionally and not just for his gratification. Emotional bonding will occur, you will be closer to him, and him to you than you have ever imagined possible. The touching between the both of you becomes much more tender and meaningful. With his sex removed from your relationship you both will experience a more fulfilling kind of love. I think you will find that you will have even more control over him; there would be no doubts about his fidelity. He will be yours, you won't be wondering what he may be thinking in the presence of other women. He won't have any thoughts of a sexual nature. If they knew, these women would snicker and laugh at his being castrated. They would be very jealous of you for having done that to him, making him the perfect husband for you. They would not want him; what woman would want another woman's eunuch and for what. As for children, you can have his sperm frozen for future use. You certainly can not have him wearing nothing but a chastity device around them. Locking up his genitals is really only taking care of the physical aspect of this. Removing testosterone from his body, relieving him of his libido both physically and mentally would be much more beneficial to your relationship than you might think. You will have complete control over him. Having exercised the ultimate control by taking his sexuality from him, there will be no doubts as to who is in charge. Consider trying this, you can test him. The drugs needed to chemically castrate your male are available online and without a doctors prescription. I ordered them from Inhouse Pharmacy; they are a reputable company and gave good service. I took Cyproterone which is generic for Androcur, and believe me it did the job very well. Within two months I had no sex drive at all, and the effects of testosterone mentally were greatly diminished. I was calmer and my thought process became much clearer. I was not focused on getting sexual gratification, I did not even think of sex, it was gone and not even missed. I took 50mg every 8 hours for two weeks, then 50mg every 12 hours for another two weeks. After that 25mg every 12 hours and I had achieved castration. It is my understanding that this drug works a little differently from person to person, some need more some need less. With Cyproterone sexual drive and potency are reduced and gonadal function is inhibited. These changes are reversible following discontinuation of the drug therapy. So do some research on this. Or better yet, if you allow your male to go online have him do the research. I have gone on long enough, give this some thought. Ask me anything you wish about this.

Posted in Male Chastity on 2009-04-19 16:08:36

You know I really am glad my testicles are gone. I am circumcised and my peni$ has shrunken so much that it has now retracted into the penile shaft skin. The head of my peni$ is covered by the loose skin, like a foreskin. I really do like the feeling of basically having nothing between my legs. However as I have stated before my empty scrotum has contracted considerably. There is a lot of skin there, it seems to be getting rather hard and tight. It does itch rather badly at times, I hope this will pass given time. It really is rather simple how this works, my wife is still very much in charge. My relationship with her is on an emotional level now. My sexuality is gone and my mind is not clouded by hormones or sexual desires. The feelings I have for my wife are true and they come from my heart. With the sexual aspect out of our marriage true emotional bonding has taken place. We have bonded in a way that even I would have not been able to understand before being castrated. I don't know if you are able to fully understand what I mean when I say "I am her eunuch" When I was using the drugs and I was chemically castrated I always knew that if I discontinued their use my sex drive would return. Now that I have had my testicles surgically removed I know that my sex drive is gone for good. I would not have ever had this surgery if it had not been for her also wanting this. There is no going back to a life with sex being a part of it. I do not know if you know what the physical consequences of a male being castrated are. There are medical concerns here, the lack of Testosterone can cause serious problems. We are seeing a doctor whom I believe understands our wish that I remain as a eunuch. Normally when a male loses his testicals (except in some cases involving cancer) he is put on hormone replacement therapy, much as a woman going through menopause is, but with Testosterone instead of Estrogen. Our doctor has agreed that I be given a very low dosage of hormones only, to help counteract the effects of the castrate levels of Testosterone on my body. The amount of hormone she has prescribed is in no way enough to bring back my sex drive, she has assured us of that. I am very happy that my wife is the one that has taken my sexuality from me permanently. She is the one that castrated me even though I was willing, "SHE" did this. As I have told you before, in this state I am still able to attain erection, it is weak and takes a lot of stimulation though. I am also still able to orgasm through ma$turbation, however the intensity is greatly diminished now. These weak and unfulfilling orgasms can be attained rather quickly, somewhat like premature ejaculation only there is no ejaculate now. Although sometimes just a clear watery droplet will form on the end of my peni$. My wife controls every aspect of our lives, she is in charge. I only ma$turbate in front of her and only when she tells me to. I think she takes great pleasure in seeing just how diminished my sexual pleasures have become. At how I could really care less about sex now. By the way she brought my testicles back with her in a jar of formaldehyde, she keeps them locked in her jewelry box. I do whatever she asks of me, I am her eunuch and we are both very happy. She knows for sure now that I really do love her, that I desire her, and not just for my own sexual gratification.

Posted in Male Chastity on 2009-03-22 15:04:02

I am glad you think this is great. I am very happy now that my gender is now that of a eunuch. My scrotum has contracted quite a bit and itches a lot at times. I do love the feeling of not having testicles. I am a bit conscious though that my gait may be changing, my walk I think is different now that the testicles are gone. My peni$ has shrunken considerably as well, but as with the chemical castration, I am still capable of attaining erections. It does however take a lot of stimulation to get-it-up. These erections are strong enough for ma$turbation but far to weak for vaginal penetration, as it takes vigorous stimulation to keep-it-up. I am still able to attain orgasm, however they are very weak. Mistress has had me ma$turbate while she watches, and I think she delights in the fact that when I orgasm there is no ejaculate, only a small droplet of clear watery ejaculate will form at the end of my peni$. I think she is very pleased with the effect castration has had on me physically as well as mentally. She has rendered me sexually ineffectual, she has castrated me. I am her eunuch and I love it.

Posted in Male Chastity on 2009-02-22 19:16:39

Mistress and I are now married. We honeymooned in Mexico. You will not believe what happened. She finally confided in me that vaginal penetration was not what she wanted. She said it was not satisfying for her, that she did not enjoy it. She told me even though it is her peni$, she has no use for it and that it should be rendered impotent. She told me that I had a choice of staying locked-up for her, and she would periodically give me release with manual stimulation only. Or if I was willing, surgical castration was an option. We discussed this at length and I still do not fully understand why she asked me to stop with the chemical castration. I know that she loves me and that I love her very much, and that it is much more than just a physical attraction we both feel for each other. I agreed to the surgical castration, we both agreed this would be for the best. It would keep me from ma$turbating or from lusting for other women. Mistress told me that it was no accident we were in Mexico for our honeymoon, knowing that I would do this for her she had already made arrangements with a doctor there. In the morning we went to the clinic and checked me in. A few routine tests and early the next morning I had my surgery. I stayed one more day there and the doctor said I could recuperate at the hotel. I am now mistress's eunuch, no need for a chastity device anymore. I am pretty much healed up now. Although, my scrotum being empty has contracted and has become a little itchy at times. Actually I am very happy about this turn of events. I know what to expect being castrated, I am truly contented now. I am married to a wonderful woman that I truly love. I won't have strong sexual urges or desires that could possibly ruin our relationship, I am happy at last.