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Posted in Why is there always a line for the Ladies room? on 2017-08-10 04:40:08

A guy, in the first place, guys run in quickly, do their business and leave, whereas girls are washing, fixing makeup ect. Secondly, a guys aren't going to wait in lines to take a leak, if the lines are to long they'll use the sinks, spray a wall or find a tree.

Posted in Guys, how far, how high can you piss? on 2013-01-05 03:26:14

As a kid growing up I can recall witnessing a few "peeing contests" between boys in locker rooms and walking in on quite a few guys who were taking advantage of being in a large enough area to see how far they can pee. As a kid I was always concerned about getting caught by an adult while "peeing for distance" in a locker room, I just assumed we'd get in trouble for it. As I got older, high school, college it was still commonplace and now as a young man going to the gym club, I find it's still commonplace among men, so I guess there was no reason to worry about it as a kid.

Posted in @Girls: Hygiene at the swimming pool on 2011-09-13 19:56:57

I'm really surprised that 59% of girls needing to pee while dressing would just do it in the locker room! Guys do this all the time, but I'd never heard of girls or women doing so. I always assumed that if my mom were ever to find out I did this, I'd be in trouble, hence I was always a little cautious about doing so.

It wasn't until after I'd gone of to University and returned for the summer that I was ever caught at it. Mom was in charge of our neighborhood pool that year and I'd spend time there as well. One evening after everyone had left mom and I were cleaning up a bit and locking up the place. As we finished up I walked through the mens dressing area and while I could have waited a couple minutes until we walked home, when I walked into the empty room I didn't give a second thought, I just whipped it out and began letting loose on the floor as I've often done around friends. I guess I forgot that mom was closing up the place and didn't consider that since no one else was there that mom might walk into the mens room, but to my great surprise she did just that! I thought to myself, "I'm dead" and was expecting to hear mom explode about it. I mean hearing of your son doing so and walking in on it is entirely different, not to mention at a pool she was caring for! But to my great surprise mom didn't seem to be at all surprised by what I was doing. Even so, I appologized for doing so, saying "I don't know what I was thinking." Mom then applogized herself for walking in on me, explaining, "you know, I hesitated a moment, but then thought to myself, he's got no clothes to change into, so..." "I don't know why it didn't ocour to me that you'd be using the bathroom." To my surprise mom was only speaking of walking in on me, not about where I was peeing!

On a later night as we were walking out, mom walked on toward the ladies room and commented to me, "I'll give you some privacy to use the bathroom today." I walked over to her and explained, "I shouldn't have done that mom, I can certainly wait until we get home." Acting confused mom asked, "shouldn't have done what? Use the bathroom?" Mom kept repeating the phrase "using the bathroom", but obviously that wasn't where I was doing it and I sheepishly mentioned that to her. Mom questioned me, "that's what you're embarrased about?" I again gave her a sheepish grin. "Well it's not as if there's any other place to go here," mom commented, "and even if there were, it's got to be easier for men to use the floor than a toilet anyway!" "It's not so easy for women to use the bathroom here," mom confided, eluding to the fact she has done so, "but you've gotta do what you've gotta do!" Now at ease, I assured her that I wasn't embarrased that she had walked in on me, just that I was peeing on the floor when she did. "Well that being the case, I'll walk through the mens room with you as the womens is already closed up, if you don't mind," mom said. I agreed that I was fine with that. Mom walked in first and picked up few things lying about and took a seat on the bench at the end of the room. Mom asked, "don't you need to go!" As she said so I noticed some water dripping onto the floor under the bench were mom was sitting! Mom was peeing through her swimsuit onto the floor in front of the bench! I stood there motionless in disbelief! Mom commented, "I guess gals have the luxury of privacy, it's not obvious that we did it in our swimsuits, they dry so quickly, but that's not the case with guys trunks." "It's fortunate that you're not embarresed about undressing, I imagine it's gotta be tough for a shy guy to find a chance to go," mom remarked. I stood there speachless as mom stated, "I'll be done in a moment if you're really not comfortable using the bathroom in front of me." Mom put me on the spot, she wasn't doing a "quick pee" rather a little trickle, a bit of conversation and a little more. She was showing no sign of finishing up or rushing out either. It really didn't bother me to undress infront of mom, but this made me uneasy, especially since mom was sitting in the back of the room and the drain was between us, leaving no practical way for me to turn my back to her. But, in a moment of courage I whipped it out and being in desperate need of a pee, I began a strong pee toward the drain! Mom commented, "wow, you really had to go! I can't believe you were going to wait until we got home!" "You're a bit overly considerate, I don't imagine I'd bother to aim for the drain if I were a boy." mom commented. Being nearly finished, I looked up at mom, smiled and then made a point of spraying the last bit randomly accross the floor! Mom broke out laughing, stood up and said "I guess it's a good thing I'm not a boy, I'd make a lot more of a mess than you do!"

The remainder of the summer I was uninhibited in the mens room in the evening, not often with mom around, but she was never critical of anywhere I had done it there! I never would have imagined that my mom is not only ok with me peeing in the locker room, but does so herself and finds nothing wrong with it. I guess girls aren't as reserved as we think!

Posted in Peeing on 2010-04-01 04:15:41

Yeah, really I've learned it's not something that would shock anyone. Growing up many of my freinds peed over drains or in the showers, naturally I did so myself a few times and found I rather enjoyed doing so and did so all the time when no one was around or among friends. My mom was very concervative so naturally I never mentioned anything about it to her nor would I do so around anyone who might say something about it to her as I was sure she'd be horified. I had gone to college and returned for the summer working at our local pool. Mom had come to pick me up after close and being the pool was closed and I had locked the womens door she came through the mens room. I didn't know she was here yet nor did I expect her to ever walk into the mens room, but she did! There I was naked $%!@ing out into the center of the floor facing her as she walked in! I was mortified, I cut it off instantly and froze as she continued to walk in. To my surprise she didn't seem surprised or embarrased to see me naked. My towel and clothes were by the door, where she was now standing. She stopped, picked them up and brought them over to me saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interupt you, but I'm in a bit of a hurry today, so finish taking care of your business, get dressed and lets go. I expected her to walk out, but she stopped at the door and waited for me. I was very hesitant and a bit stage shy, but I did continue urinating, this time facing the other direction, dressed and walked out. For weeks mom never mentioned anything about it, but then in similar situation at close we were both walking out together. I said I needed a moment to change and take a leak, but she followed me through the mens room anyway. I walked half across the room to change, this time with my back turned to her and and changed into my clothes. As I was grabing my things, she said to me, "we're not going right home, didn't you say you needed to urinate." I replied, "yeah, I'll be right back" and set down my things to walk to the restroom. Mom shocked me again by saying, "oh, don't worry about it, just go, I know boys don't run to the toilets. I set my things down and thought to walk towards the showers, but instead thought "ok, if she doesn't care" and I instead I just turned to the center of the room and let it rip. I still expected some reaction from mom, but to my surprise she's absolutly ok with it.

Posted in Male Locker Room Inequality on 2009-08-07 06:17:52

Recently at our pool, I've been noticing women (moms especially) don't seem to be hesitant to walk into the mens dressing area to check up on their kids. I go daily for a morning swim and several times a mom has walked in unannouced and generally, but not always I've been dressed at the time. Twice the pool manager walked through and both times I was dressed and while she appologized she didn't turn and run out embarrased, rather continued what she came in to do, talking to me as she did.