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Posted in Thoughts on Liberals on 2008-10-21 06:06:15

Yeah, good post, except I don't think it's that they think with their hearts as much as they look for an easy way out. Just about all liberal opinions indicate the easy way out, which is rarely the better way out.

Posted in Thoughts on Liberals on 2008-10-21 06:02:45

I'm sorry, the original post made no sense to me. As for the definition, liberal can be, and maybe is, more of a noun is this usage. As in saying somebody is a liberal, you are saying what they are. Becase the language has changed to accept the word as a noun is some cases, the definition you used may be for the other form of the adjective, where the noun came from. I'm not saying it's close, but it's not 100% on the dot. And often, people call THEMSELVES liberals or conservatives. It's how they say a majority of whatthey believe in with a single word. All political topics have a conservative opinion that's incredibly conservative, a liberal view that's incredibly liberal, and a billion points in between. Judging by how liberal/conservative your view is, and then looking at other political topics, you can determine whether you are a liberal or a conservative. There isn't too much to not know what what you're talking about in this subject of politics.

Posted in Thoughts on Liberals on 2008-10-21 05:52:49

My main problem from what I've seen is that liberals tend to lack morals that conservatives have, or theirs are just somewhat twisted. I understand that those morals are political opinions, but still some just seem to be more decent than others. Example: Sexuality. As a conservative, I don't believe in premarital sex. I understand many conservatives do, but they tend to have a more liberal view in that aspect then. Liberals tend to favor open sexuality, and it's better to let teens have sex than to try and prevent them from it. (I say teens, btw, meaning < 18. ) Another example: Abortion. I see it as murder, and honestly, only acceptable when the mothers life is in danger. For cases of rape, there is the morning after pill to prevent conception. For all other cases, they have birth conrol and/or condoms. I see it as a matter of responsibility. Liberals say it's the womans body and her right to choose, I say that the body inside hers isn't hers, and it has a right to be born. Liberals say that it isn't a body or a life, it's a fetus. I say a person's a person, no matter how small. I simply see abortion as taking away an inocent life. Last example right now, I promise: Gun Control. The main argument I've seen is that they only hurt people, and aren't good at protecting homes. Again, this falls under responsibility. If a gun owner is responsible, children won't get a hold of it and injure anybody. And the home protection thing, it's easy. Someone breaks into your house, you pick up the gun, turn off safety, and shoot. Some people say it's murder, I say self defense, but that's another example I won't delve into right now. I'll just say this. How can anybody with an unwarped mind or heart kill an unborn child but say a man who may murder you deserves to live, and you shouldn't harm him regardless of whether or not your life is in danger? It makes no sense to me.

Posted in More Media Info From Brian Murphy on 2008-10-21 05:33:00

Actually, liable and slander restrict those rights, though neither apply here....just saying....oh yeah, and neither restrict what you can feel...though some people might see you as an $%!@ for the way you see some things, and rightly so in some cases.

Posted in More Media Info From Brian Murphy on 2008-10-21 05:30:26

I see a lot of coverage saying how the men in Iraq should be pulled out, it's unfair to them, and it isn't helping the middle east. I hear things about the election, saying how wonderful Obama is, and how Palin probably eats babies and McCain is secretly a book burner, blah blah, you know the talk, I'm sure. I rarely see the conservative points of view, like how troops in Iraq DID make a huge difference, I know this because I know people who were over there, and they did admit it was rough. They also said that the people over there appreciated them. True, not everybody did, but Al Quida dosn't get their opinion voiced in this because they only want what goes for them. As for the troops themselves, nobody got tricked into going over there, nobody was forced, it's the armyand there hasn't been a draft. You sign up in the army prepared to see combat or you don't sign up at all. As for the election, I hear a lot about Obama, and rarely about McCain. Actually, McCain does appear a lot. I hear him being called things like "McBush", implying he'll be the same as Bush obviously, but never the WHY he'll be the same as Bush. I hear people being mean to Palin about her daughter benig pregnant, but nobody ever mentions that she has a REAL family, with REAL problems like that one, and they go through it like REAL families do. And who better to represent REAL people than another REAL person? As for Obama, I've heard a lot about him. He dosn't want to raise taxes, and he does want to lower them. He wants to hire more teachers and raise their salaries. How on earth do you hire more teachers more, pay them more, and lower your spending? The money has to come from somewhere, and right not the government is making less than it spends as it is. Spending more either means tax increases or taking more from social security. Unless, of course, he cuts back elsewhere. Cutting back in other areas means we get less, and to compesate for the lower taxes and more money toward education, he'd have to cut A LOT. Or, again, he could just empty Social Security causing many old people who can't work to go bankrupt. Obama speaks out of both sides of his mouth, but no media picked up on it. I'm 18, and I picked up on this rather quickly. Not like I can turn on the TV and NOT see an Obama commercial though... And as for your poll, I think there are some accuracy problems. I remember the 2008 election, and Bush wasn't getting the best publicity. And the info gathered seems as if it's from a survey. If it is, you'd may as well throw all that info away. An honest, unbiased survey is incredibly rare, even moreso in politics. More than likely, the takers of the survey, the wording of the survey, or the questions in the survey were set up to favor saying the media is baised towards conservatives. If it isn't from a survey, then PROVE IT! Prove that the media was biased in favor of conservatives. Percentages don't work too well, since not all publicity is good publicity. Lastly, your poll is set up terribly. For multiple questions, I either have to agree with you on debatable facts or say you're smarter than me. Please try to phrase things better, and add options beside saying you're correct and every other thought is stupid.