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Posted in God created Man vs. Man created God on 2010-09-08 03:46:35

I'm gonna go short and sweet cause I'm f*in tired. Look at all the different religions. Now look at all the sects in most of those religions. Notice how they can't even get their st together. This is why I question religion, because apparently, no one else does. I go to a Catholic school (for the education, not the religion. yes i'm an athiest douchebag) and all I see every day is people never questioning what religion says. I love it when people say "oh the gospels are true, god told the apostles to write them". Really now? God also apparently told Bush to invade Iraq (I don't hate Bush but that was too easy to pass up on) and told some people to kill their kids. Funny, huh? Also apparently told the popes during the 11th-15th (or 16th?) centuries that all those big, bad Muslims had to suffer and die slowly and painfully. This s**t should be on Comedy Central. Go and look at some of the earlier Mediterranean religions (before Judaism and Christianity) and look at the similarities of those gods to your "one and only God". Especially the Egyptian and Babylonian stories of Horus and what's-his-name (sorry, can't remember). This all seems a little rambled and I'd like to say more but, as I said, I'm really, frickin tired. Goodnight.

Posted in Do you believe in the government. (Americans only) on 2010-09-04 13:49:05

i agree with the dude above on a few things. it's true, we are not 100% free. while some laws are in place to protect others, some are supposedly there to "protect" yourself, like the seatbelt law. hey, if not wearing my seatbelt harms other people, then i'm all for a $200-$800 fine. last time i checked though, it only hurt the dip$%!@ who wasn't wearing one in the first place (assuming he was in a car crash) and frankly that's one less dumbass in this country (hooray for evolution). Americans also like to think we have the power of choice. really? do we really have that power? ever heard of the "electoral college"? yeah, don't have to say much more do i. now anarchy=your a dumbass and probably don't wear your seatbelt. that type of "government" would never work. while Democracy works with the right restrictions (on the government) and the people's votes COUNTING. look at the ancient Roman Empire. every single territory or district had a representative (the Senate) that was chosen by the people, for the people. these were usually just men from that district that had the same lives as everyone else. generally it was an elder or someone with a great amount of experience. they actually CARED about the people they represented, unlike like today's backstabbing, corrupt, piece of $%!@ Congressman. very few of them actually care the people. every single Roman citizen vote counted. no electoral college or group of elected voters. now that's power to the people. and as for for Obama, most people who voted for him don't even like him any more. his ratings went down faster than Hitler killed Jews (owned). and come on, when a person wins the Nobel Peace Prize because of what he said he MIGHT do, well then somethin definetly ain't right there. i heard once that they gave it to him because of how he spoke to the people. really now? so did Hitler, look how that one turned out (and to all FPS game lovers, Hitler's K/D ratio-6,000,000:1. beat that). based on that fact, i think Hitler should receive the Nobel Peace Prize (hey, the skull found in the bunker where he supposedly shot himself wasn't his. he could still be out there....waiting.....) or at the least we could create an award in his honor. we could call it the Anti-Semitic Award. my first nomination is Mel Gibson (sorry, had to do it). now i hated Obama from the start, but hey that's just me. check out my poll: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/499284. it's decent. as a closing note i'd like to say this:

What Have We Learned In 2,065 Years?

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed (stopped), lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."- Cicero....55 B.C.


Posted in Foxnews on 2010-02-06 18:53:09

if you ever wonder why Fox News has the highest ratings and most views is because they are radical, in a damn good way. they actually report the news and don't try to kiss the $%!@ of President I'm-better-then-everyone-else. they actually hear both sides at least, unlike C-SPAN or msnbc and all those other liberal kissasses. i'll say that they do tend to lean on the conservatives side but they will give the liberals and progressives their fair share. and though i love The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (hell yeah!), Jon Stewart does tend to go a bit more liberal. they're both funny and that' why i watch them; for the laughs and not the biased or un-biased news. they both are fairly biased in their own way. Stephen Colbert tends to be a bit more conservative unlike Jon Stewart. but as far as i'm concerned they're all just using their right to free speech and that's all i need to know. oh, and the bull$%!@ i have to hear about Glenn Beck is pushin my nerves. he knows his facts and the idiots that try to pick out every other word he says and use it against him just end up gettin burned in the end (u want that extra crispy, bitch?). the media does tend to try to find the most horrible, gruesome, radical, most action packed news they can get. why? because people will watch that. are you gonna watch something about the good things our military is doing in Iraq or Afghanistan like building schools, hospital, roads, teaching kids, training the police and military, and so on? No. you're gonna watch the IED go off in some marketplace or mosque. you're going to watch the video of a twisted wreck of what was a Humvee and now is scrap metal. you're gonna watch as soldiers die for entertainment. the only way most people (it wouls surprise you with the %) think that children in the Middle East are throwin rocks at tanks and Humvees and being hurt by soldiers. that's happened so little that there's no %. you hear that because that's what the media tries to throw at you. so yes most media is biased and will report stuff that will get them ratings and money (but hey, at least Fox is pretty open about it). that's how Capitalism works. you don't like it, go live in France or Turkey and let me now how it is.

Posted in Incestuous Happenings on 2009-11-05 02:57:20

............i really have no comment. yall ever heard of "i'm a lying sack of sh!t"? somehow i doubt that stuff with most of your moms happened. it would scar me for life if it was my mom. of course me and your mom is a different story......

Posted in Religion Ques. on 2009-11-04 02:07:28

I created this poll to see other's views in some religious matters. My World History teacher actually gave me the idea for this. I was baptized a Catholic but I could only say "ga-ga, goo-goo, and poo" at the time, so I'm guessing there was no defense for me. My dad is a doctor and athiest. His dad was the same, though his mom is a non-practicing Methodist i think. My mom and her whole family act as though they are a bunch of Christian theologists and know everything, even though my dad has a much higher degree than all of them probably put together. This is what basically set me up for life. I don't believe in religion. I love studying all religion, including all mythological religions, and though I'm only 16, I know a lot more than some adults. I learned in a more personal way that religion can pretty much ruin a family, I hate knowing how it affects the world. My grndmother (on my mom's side) has almost disowned my aunt because she almost ran off with another woman and she has a husband and two daughters. I know all too well the effects of different religions in a family. I agree with most of what the first guy said (sorry, can't remember the name after typing) about religion and war. Through history, we have seen religion attempt to control life itself. It has started more wars than ended them. I have much more i could say but I'm sleepy and can't keep my head up straight.