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Posted in Do you girls pee while swimming? on 2009-08-26 22:12:18


Posted in Teenagers : Peeing @ swimming pool on 2009-08-06 22:07:02

Oh yeah who doesn't. I love to go in the pool with my freinds and we all stand in a circle realy close together and start to pee through our swimsuits and bikinis. It gets realy warm and we all know that each of us are realy enjoying the warm crotch feeling around our privates.

Posted in Washing the Car - Females Only on 2009-07-29 22:05:02

I am a 16 year old female.

I often wash the car for my parents and have a guilt secret while doing so. I like to wear Tight jeans a t-shirt and also a pair of converse without any socks. I like to get realy wet with the cold water and then let most of the water drain out of my clothes just enough to leave them damp. I drink a lot of water before I start washing the car so about 1 hr in I am ready for the guilty secret. I stand with my damp legs together and my bare feet in my converse and start to slowly allow pee out of my $%!@. I let it slowly trickle down my jeans leaving a warm trail down the inside of my thighs. When there is a warm small wet stream all the way down my jeans I pee as hard and as fast as I can. The pee starts to pour from in between my thights and soaks the floor around me and my shoes. A lot of the pee ends up in my converse where my sexy bare feet are. This feels realy nice as it is warm. When I have finished peeing I often don't get changed for around 2-3 Hours in which time my jeans have usualy dried and my shoes are left just damp and no longer soaked. I go into my bedroom and take my shoes off and sit on the bed. I lift my sexy pee covered bare foot up to my mouth and just start to lick the pee off my warm sexy feet. When I am done licking my feet I go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet with my dry jeans on still and release a torrent of warm pee through my jeans and panties. It feels so good. Then I wait until it is dry again and get changed.

That is my fun pee experience.

I am a 16 year old girl. If I am caught short for a pee I just pee in my jeans. It feels good and is very convinient. If I am feeling a bit more kinky I will take off my converse and pee into them. I will then put them back on without any socks and let my feet squish around in the warm pee filled shoes.

Email me: Seeds2@live.co.uk

Posted in water fights on 2009-05-29 22:20:19

I am a 16 year old girl that still loves water fights. I love to wear tight jeans and converse without socks when I have water fights because they feel good against my skin. I often have water fights on my trampoline. When I am on the trampoline I wear converse shoes without any socks tight jeans and a tshirt. If I get bored when I am having a water fight I drink loads of water and then wait. When I realy nead to pee and soak my self with cold water and make sure my converse are soaked aswell and then just pee as much as I can into my jeans. I stand and let the pee just warm me up around the crotch and let it flow down into my coverse shoes around my bare feet. Then before I get soaked with water again I stop the water fight and just lie in the sun in my pee soaked jeans with my sexy bare feet soaked with warm pee. I then just dry off in the sun and cary on with the normal day. Mind you my shoes take quite a while to dry so my feet are often soaked for a long time. I also like to then lick my sexy bare feet and wet my dry jeans again.