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Posted in Boys' sleep wear on 2015-10-14 08:42:50

I like the comination bare chest and Pyjama bottoms. My mom encouraged me Age 14: "All Boys of your Age sleep shirtless". She also advised me to wear bottoms because of wanking and getting hard and spots and laundry... If I have a wet dream I just Change Pants or Shorts and there are no spots on the blanket and you don't have to Change that.

Posted in Speedos - Swimming - For boys only on 2015-08-30 13:33:01

I do wear speedos, why do you require me to answer questions concerning those who don't?

I think more male sports should be performed shirtless, beside Swimming especially gymnastics, beach Volleyball, boxing, wrestling

Posted in PE detentions on 2014-09-22 08:10:29

It's the same experience with me, our teacher nearly always picked me for the skins' Team, there were others who always kept their T-Shirts or even additional sweat Shirts and Long Training pants, wheras the Skin Team had nothing more but short Shorts. Hi grid56301, If you like to share experience please contact me (benvolio90@yahoo.de)

Posted in What to do when sharing a hotel room (guy sonly) on 2013-11-04 13:13:18

That depends on you and your roommate alone. You will see how you get on, it's much easier as you expect. If your mate is shy, you will see and behave corresponding, if he is uncomplicated you will also behave corresponding. Maybe you Keep much distance or you get very famliar from the beginning. Wanking together is sign of very much familiarity, I don't think it's quite usual. But if you both like, why not?