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Posted in Which season of Survivor has been your favorite? on 2008-12-27 21:30:42

My favorite season of Survivor so far, has to have been All Stars. I just enjoyed that season, and it had the best tribal council in my opinion. The one where Shii Ann knew she was getting voted off so she voted for who she thought would win the game. (She was right)

Posted in Celebrity Survivor Week 12 on 2008-11-27 00:18:04

I don't know if any of the Celebrity Survivor voters voted in Cartoon Survivor, but in case you did I thought I would let you know that I have decided to end Cartoon Survivor. It didn't get alot of votes, and I figured I already have four other Survivors going so I ended it. If anyone wants to continue it, go ahead and do it. Also WWE Survivor was not put on the directory this week, but you can still vote in it. Just click on my profile, and you will find it.

Posted in WWE Survivor Week 8 on 2008-11-17 22:17:50

Also vote in Celebrity Survivor, Political Survivor, Survivor All Stars 2, Cartoon Survivor. Find these by clicking on my profile.

Posted in Political Survivor Week 1 on 2008-11-17 00:35:49

I have a feeling that Barack Obama has to be the frontrunner until he's voted off, and I think that Sarah Palin will be the last Rep. standing.

Posted in Political Survivor Week 1 on 2008-11-17 00:34:24

Who do you think will win?