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Posted in Diaper wearers on 2011-04-13 16:26:54

I've been an AB for over 50 years. I am divorced. My wife said she didn't marry a baby. I now have a lady friend who accepts me as I am and will even change my wet diapers. She's okay with me soiling them too, but I have to change myself in those instances. Her participation in that part of being an AB is to ask me if I'm stinky, or to feel my bottom. If I am she tells me to go change my stinky britches. I'm very happy with that arrangement. Of course she has asked me if I''m poopy at the mall.

Posted in Men's skirts are disgusting on 2006-09-18 14:20:30

There are garments made for men that are technically skirts. I wear kilts much of the time, and most women think it is sexy. Kilts are becoming more popular in all parts of the world, and they are not all traditional Scottish tartaned kilts. Skirtlike garments are much healthier for the male anatomy. Did you know that being confined in tight fitting underwear a jeans can damage yout testicles and cause low sperm count. It is only within the last few hundred years that men have been relegated to wearing trousers. Men in most parts of the world wore clothing that was un-bifircated and could have been best described as skirts or dresses. As for religeon, show me one place in the binle where it says, "Jesus wore pants" I don't think you will find one. What garment today is closest to the robes worn in Jesus' time. It certainly isn't pants.

When has an article of clothing being considered "male" ever stopped women from wearing it. There is a double standard, kind of like, "What's yours is ours and what's mine is mine." As a kilt wearer, I have gotten this attitude from a couple of women, and I wasn't wearing a woman's skirt, but a very expensive hand sewn Scottish made kilt.

Posted in Diaper wearers on 2005-12-10 01:57:13

I live alone and I'm retired. I had been wearing diapers more and more in the last two years, so this past Sept I decided I'd just go 24/7. I've been diapered since then. I'll use a bathroom accasionally if I'm out somewhere where pooping would be really embarrassing. Otherwise I just do everything in my diaper and change when I'm not doing something else.At home, I usually stay in the same wet diaper until it starts to leak before I change.

Posted in Which capital punishment method would you choose? on 2005-09-26 15:24:40


If it is done properly hanging is nearly instantaneous.