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That is wonderful! Luckily you can get by with a lot just by being confident. Hopefully it's warm there year round. If so maybe consider letting the girls give up clothes completely. It would make things so much easier and simpler for them and I know they would love being able to simply stay nude 24/7. Try out other stores and restaurants and see how it goes with them going in nude.

That's great! Public nudity is definitely something I believe in and I think is ideal for younger girls. Have they talked about public places they would like to try going fully nude? I mean away from nudists and in "normal" places. I bet they would love getting to leave the house nude to go somewhere, without bringing anything with them.

That's awesome, Amanda. You clearly care about them and they are lucky to have you as a "mom". It's so important at their ages that they go as revealing as possible. It's good for positive body image, self esteem, and confidence. You probably noticed they walked more confidently the more revealing things are. One thing I think is very important for girls those ages is that bottoms reveal labia at all times. For this reason I favor skirts because they can be hemmed up that high.

Amy, you are absolutely right. The way you dress or choose to express yourself should be about you and should empower you. If you feel good about how you look being revealing or even fully nude in social settings then that's what matters. Anyone who can't handle it and feel they need to make it about themselves should just take a cold shower. Let the respectful ones be happy they get to see it and don't let them ruin it for you.

Posted in Modesty for female athletes on 2019-10-27 03:33:33

I do think, for younger girls especially, it makes so much more sense to train and compete nude. Not only does it allow more flexibility, but it fits the youthful female form ideally. I think if a young girl wants to take it seriously she owes it to herself to insist on being able to train and play/compete nude with the exception of footwear depending on the sport. I suspect a lot of the best ones do train nude when possible.