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Posted in Sunday dress code for church (boys and men only) on 2011-07-21 16:52:50

I like wearing a 3 piece suit and seeing other thin kids in 3 piece suits and picking fights with them, nothing cooler than seeing a kid in a 3 piece suit lying on the ground knocked out in his suit. I have left 100 kids like this and I have been beaten up 670 times this way, Nothing better than that,

Posted in what age did you loose your virginity? on 2011-07-21 16:48:07

I lost mine after I was in a suit and tie and I fought another kid in his suit and tie, After I won I jacked off on the inside lining of his suit then stripped him naked and jacked off all over his body then I did him.

Posted in Worst Movie Sequels on 2010-12-05 21:45:24

Good point on Star Trek V, I forgot about that one, I voted Rocky 5,

Posted in ripping or tearing clothes (boys only) on 2010-09-16 00:32:59

I aw 2 kids fight in a suit and tie till a KO with the winner jacking off on the inside lining of the losers suit and then doing the losers body, It gave me a hard on and I now get into at least one fight a week with both of us in suits and ties with the winner doing the losers naked body I have done this 500 times and I am 60 wins and 440 losses, either way it is so cool and much better than sex with a woman

Posted in Boys dressing smartly on 2010-08-22 13:23:56

When I go out I wear a suit and tie and when I see another kid I think I can beat up wering a suit and tie I will start a fight with him, I do not care if I lose but nothing turns me on than a boy in a suit and tie while I am in a suit and tie