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Posted in married women extramarital sex on 2009-08-29 04:46:22

the comment swallow was for kirtika.....i don't get the cuckold scene at all.....if my husband acted the way hotdog and cuk act, he would be out on his ear... i want a man for a husband; not a dig licking dog. my husband expects me to respect him and if i treated him the way these cuk wives do their husbands, he would get rid of me. and i would never expect him to debase himself.. once, in a swingers club, one of these so called bulls told my husband to go take a hike cause he wanted to sex me up and when he wanted him, he would point at his $%!@ and expect my husband to clean it and get it ready. what happened was my husband took his sorry $%!@ out to the parking lot and cleaned his plow. the only thing my husband got ready was the "bulls" face for bandages. so any bulls out there had better be eating grass and dreaming about being a juicy pot roast. if u try to humiliate my husband, you will be eating your teeth.

Posted in married women extramarital sex on 2009-08-27 07:13:29


Posted in married women extramarital sex on 2009-07-01 10:07:46

open up to him and tell him your needs. honesty is the best policy. tell him that having sex with other men does not affect how you feel about him and the marriage. also, i recommend that you don't have sex with the same man all the time. get some variety. this way you won't become attached to the other man. get on the pill.

Posted in Ladies:Would you cheat if hubby Let you? on 2009-03-17 22:59:50

comprehensive new poll:http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/425097

Posted in Do you sunbathe topless? (girls only) on 2009-03-17 21:57:03

comprehensive new poll:http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/425097